Saturday, July 4, 2009

Long few days...

Hello all. The last few days have been pretty trying for me. I am so emotionally invested in Gaines progress (or lack of) that these few days since the cannula experiment have been kind of tough for me to swallow. Right now his oxygen is hanging around 30% but right this minute its at 32%. I hate it. I'm just so confused as to why he's not back to 25%. I thought he'd be back there by now. I haven't gotten to talk to the doctor today but the nurse said that he wasn't concerned because overall, he's still progressing.

Beau says that I'm starting to look at things day to day again and that I've got to stop but I can't. Next week I won't even be here so honestly, I'm looking at things minute to minute now. My mom was here this weekend and I think that was God's plan. He knew I'd need a distraction these few days to keep me sane.

I hope to know something from insurance on Monday...Tuesday at the latest about transferring home. Little pieces are starting to slowly come together but that's the biggest one right now. If I can get that worked out before I leave I'll be okay. Right now I think I'd be happy if Gaines was home within a week of me leaving. Right now I feel like a week isn't long enough to make a transfer happen but two weeks should be...if insurance decides to help us out that is.

This has been such a long road and we are so desperate to get back home. I'm okay with Gaines still being in a hospital as long as we are back home. While we are by no means at the end, I hope (with insurance cooperation) that we are getting ready to start a new phase of this that puts us back in Alabama.

Love to all,



Beth said...

I cannot imagine the struggles you are going through right now, but please know that you are being prayed for night and day in Madison, AL!!!!

Giggles said...

I continue to pray for your family and my family asks for updates on you and your family. I hope things work out the way you want them and that you are all home in Alabama soon!

Happy 4th of July! Hope you get to see some awesome fireworks!

Angela said...

I think you are such a strong family to have gone through all that you have so well.

We're praying and looking forward to the post of "We're home!"

God bless you all.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Brittany, you have been so strong throughout all of this. You are stronger than you think. I'm not sure I could ever be as strong as you. I pray so much for the insurance company to "do the right thing" for once, I pray for Mr. Gaines to get back on the right road of making progress and I pray for you to continue to have strength. I to look forward to your "we are going back to Alabama" post!!

angie b said...

Praying for you to come home soon! Tell Babs hello and that Dwight is fine. We ate dinner with him at David's last week on the day she left. Also, he was on WAAO this morning running his mouth with Blaine, talking about city events. Stay strong--your Dad spoke with pride about your strength. angie s