Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Holding Strong on Cannula

Just a quick one. I'm knee deep in clothes at the moment. I posted a longer post last night so scroll down if you haven't read it. Gaines is still on cannula this morning and his oxygen is between 35-40% on 2 liters. Everything else is great.

Love to all,



Tiffany Dawn said...

So glad you're home! THanks for keeping us posted!! I hope its a delightful weekend with your fam and that Gaines makes even more improvements!!!

Lori said...

Thank you for the updates. I hope you have great weather for the weekend with your family and friends. What lovely, thoughtful friends and family you have to just walk in the door and have everything clean and your food re-stocked that must have knocked your socks off!

Diana said...

I have been away from internet contact for the last three weeks. Gaines has been in my prayers constantly. I am so excited to hear of the progress he is making and that you are ALL home in Alabama together! Continuing to pray!

Michelle Gregory said...

Welcome Home Sweetie! We are so glad we have prayed you all back to Alabama!! What a mighty GOD we serve! To look back...You and your bloggers have come a long, long way from March 18th. We are all breathing a sigh of relief. I am a little sad that he is not at South. I was looking forward to meeting the little superstar since I work at South occasionally. Welcome Back Daniels!! I know Jack is excited also.

Hugs and Prayers from Prattville!
P.S. (My mom wanted me to say, she too is proud to be a part of this blessing. She has been praying and reading your blog daily!! She is from Greenville, AL.)