Friday, March 27, 2009

A Good Report

They just got through monitoring me and Gaines' heartrate looks great. All of my vitals looked great this morning too. Really that's about all there is to report. I've just ordered my lunch and hope to get a little nap in this afternoon. Its so weird, we wake up with plans to do this and that each day and before we know it the day has slipped away and we haven't done any of them. I take that as a good thing. I'll post more this afternoon and give you more insight into our day. Thank you for all of your prayers!



Arnita said...

GREAT!!! Get some rest and know that we love you and your family.

Penni said...

Fabulous! No news is GREAT news! Have a nice, boring day with your book.

. said...

We are praying for you guys!

Brandon Moore

Anonymous said...

So glad you all got a good report! I just saw your blog today and read about what all you have been going through.

You all are in my prayers.

Casey Huddleston Corley

amy.belcher said...

Brittany, I've been following your blog all week but just now figured out how to comment. You have been in my prayers ever since I heard about your situation. There are people who don't even know you at our church that are praying for you. I hope that gives your strength and courage to press on. Hang in there girl!

Dawn Thompson said...

Hey, I think I'm the author who removed a comment yesterday by mistake. I just wrote to answer your question about the possessive of Gaines's name. Traditionally, one adds an 's to a one-syllable, singular name. But, hey, it's 2009, and anything goes. You could spell his name Gainz. I bought a box of Oh's yesterday. John and I ate the whole box. I'm glad you're having a good day.

Matthew said...

Hey Brittany! This is Nicole Durdin. (Matthew's wife) I met you a couple of years ago at an ALFA function. I think you were pregnant with your first little boy then. I kind of know what you're going through. Not so much the distance but the fear of having a preemie and the bordom of bedrest. I started dialating at 25 weeks. (2cm) I went home on bedrest. The next week I was at 3 cm and went straight to the hospital where I was admitted and told I would not be leaving until the babies (twins) were born. My feet did not touch the floor (not even for the restroom) for 21 days! We had a 20 month at home also. We were only an hour from home though. They were born at 29 weeks and weighed 2 lbs 11 oz. They can do so much with little babies now!! Hang in there and EVERY SINGLE DAY does matter. (I got tired of hearing that- but it's true) We are praying for you! Love the blog!

Kelley said...

Brittany & Beau,
Thanks for the updates! I just found your blog, and I went back to read each post. We prayed for you in SS class last Sunday. I will continue to pray for you.
Kelley White
(AHS '99)