Thursday, March 19, 2009

DC is now our Home

We just met with the Head OBGYN. We had high hopes that if things kept going well there would be a chance that Brit could be airlifted back to Birmingham. The Head OBGYN told us there is no chance that Brit will be released until after Gaines is born. We also spoke to the NICU Doctor. The NICU Doctor also told us that once Gaines is born they will not release him until he is ready to go home.

Basically, it looks like DC will be our home for the next couple of months. This is very dificult considering Reed is 800 miles away. We already miss him so much. Please pray that the God comforts us and Reed as we endure this time apart.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Daniel Family,

My name is Tiffany Evans and I am the Executive Director of Until Journey's End, a nonprofit that supports families living away from home in medical crisis. You will be receiving a care package from us within the next few days, but in the meantime, if you have a minute or two, I would like to chat with you to see how else we might be able to serve and support your family. You can contact us at 616-889-2819 or visit our website for furthur contact info at:

Praying for you,