Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Six-More to come this afternoon

So annoying...I just lost the post I've been working on the last 4 hours. We've had lots of visitors this morning so I haven't had much time. Quick update and I'll get more detailed this afternoon. Gaines and I are both good. His heartrate sounds good, no contractions, no signs of infection.

I'll work on a better post for this afternoon I promise. Its a shame because the last one was a good one. One other big thing...Gaines is 25 weeks today! Tomorrow is big day 7 so keep praying against infection. I'm getting close to coming off my anitbiotics. The silver lining to that cloud is no more iv. I'm on my fourth one already and these things aren't super fun.



Collier Chronicles said...

Yay for week 25! Look forward to hearing more.
Since others gave you advice on C-sections, I will throw my two cents in.
When I had mine, I was terrified. I was scared. However, one good thing is you can wear make-up and look pretty and refreshed in recovery. I know this may sound vain but it was something that I took pleasure in looking back in some pictures.

As for recovery, be sure to move your legs as often as possible while in the bed. Also, stay on top of the pain. I had a morphine pump that I pushed every 10 minutes, even if I did not think I needed to. It kept the pain at bay.
With my son being in the NICU, that helped take my mind off of my hurting. Once the staples came out, which do not hurt it feels like pinches, it was 150% better.

I look forward to your posts.

I absolutely love your sister in law and brother in law. The girls are so adorable and funny as well. I was playing peek a boo with Kat this past week at dinner.

George and Stephanie Smith said...

So glad to hear! I've been refreshing this page all morning waiting for an update! We are all still praying!

Vanessa S. Nelson said...

Brittany and Beau,
I sit here tring to think of something to say that you have not already heard this week. but so far i cant think of anything to say. But i can tell you this the word does not always travel fast in Andalusia. I just found out what happened yesterday. but ever since i have checked the blog three and four times a day. Even your neighbor JLO (jim) wondered why your mom and dad was not home all weekend. some neighbor aint he? lol
i do want to tell you that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. and being due the same time you are makes me think about it even more. i know we are not around the corner or just down the street but please know that you are being thought about very very often. i will keep a check on things through the blog just like so many.