Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 8

Just a quick post this morning to let everyone know all is well. Brittany and Gaines are right where they are supposed to be.

This morning the nurses checked Brittany's white blood cell count by taking blood. We should know the results in a couple of hours. There are no other signs of infection so we expect good results.

To check for infection, the nurses draw Brittany's blood twice per week and take her temperature every 4 hours. If you do the math (we have been here one week), they have checked her 44 times for infection. I think we have started to take for granted the fact that it only takes one test to come back positive for infection and our world will get turned upside down. Hopefully, it will be a long time before that happens.

Yesterday, a member of Grace Presbyterian Church in DC came to visit us. It seems that this church has kind of "adopted" us. Anyway, our visitor was praying for us and said "God, I know Beau and Brittany appreciate everything you have given them, especially this specific time in their life when you are reminding them that you are in total control". Hearing these words put our hearts at ease. God knows exactly where we are, what we're feeling, and how long we're going to be here. He will provide everything we need and see us through this time in our lives. What an awesome feeling to know we are not in control.

Continue to pray, we are seeing miracles happen everyday.



Collier Chronicles said...

I am so thankful you guys are doing so well. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your prayer warriors are right there along side you.

Gretta said...

We are praying for Gaines and your entire family. This is no surprise to God & He is in total, complete control and is going to take care of you all every step of the way. He is still in the miracle business today! Check out my blog when you can because I just posted about miracles on Tuesday. We are praying for you daily.


PS: We are from Decatur, AL!

D. Steindorff said...

Know that you are on the hearts and in the prayers of the entire Steindorff family. Golson was kind enough to send us this website last week and I have read it eagerly each day. God is with you and he can work miracles! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you from Alabama.
Our Love and prayers, Gil,Deb, Bert and Amy

Stephanie T said...

That's awesome a church has "adopted" you. How did they find you? (just curious) It's amazing how many nice people there are.

I loved the story about the security guards and calling you Alabama. Would you like for me to send you an "Alabama" shirt Beau (just to help you fit the part better :))? I'm sure your Auburn blood could handle it right?

Thanks for making the effort to post to the blog daily and keeping us all informed.

We're keeping you in our daily prayers..



Nini and Pawpaw said...

STEPHANIE THUROW - bite your tounge girl! Beau - I will bring you an AUBURN shirt when we come next week!

WHEW - she is trying to get you when you are down - I sure am glad I am here to help!

I love you