Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 5 comes to an End

Thank goodness day 5 in the hospital is coming to an end. The end of each day means Gaines is one day stronger. Good news...nothing too exciting happened today, Britt and Gaines are doing fine. Tomorrow Brittany will officially be 25 weeks pregnant.

Britt's family left today around lunch which means Reed left as well. As you can imagine, Britt and I cried as they left the hospital. It was such a blessing to see Reed. He gave us much needed strength. We are now more determined than ever to bring home a little brother for him.

Tonight we had visitors stop by...or maybe they were angels. A couple from DC who are "friends of a friend of a friend" have been keeping up with our blog. They contacted us through our friend and offered to let us stay at their home once Gaines arrives and Brittany is released from the hospital. They made us this offer without ever meeting us, with no strings attached, and realizing we might be house guests for several months. We haven't made a decision yet regarding housing but it is amazing what God will provide. It was definitely a God Thing.

I truly believe this couple was sent to us to calm some of our fears regarding what we are going to do after Gaines arrives. I also believe they were sent to us because so many people are out there praying for us.

Please continue to pray...miracles are happening.



Melody said...

Praise God for another day! I will continue to pray for you guys, and for little Gaines to stick in there for a while! :) I am praying also for Reed- I am sure it is so hard for you guys to be away from him, but hopefully Grandma & Grandpa are making it super fun for him! :) ((hugs))

Tammy said...

Heard about your story through Penni Wallace and know we are praying for you in Alabama. Blessings.

Nini and Pawpaw said...

You will see Reed next week - Paw Paw and I will give him his first plane ride! I think I will hold him so if he throws up it will be on Paw Paw!! You will get details later in the week.
Get prepared!

We love you.
God is good!
Janie and Billy

Amy said...

I am in Sunday School class with Kelly and Greg. I had twins at 25 weeks and one day. They are now three years old and you would never know they were ever preemies. You will hopefully go for a lot longer than I did, but I thought it might bring some comfort to hear about them and how healthy they now are. We will keep you in our prayers.
Amy Morgan

Deliminator said...

Beau and Brittany,

You guys are in our prayers. You are going through this for a reason and your story is already touching many lives because of the faith you are showing during this storm.

When our little (not so much now) Taylor was born over 5-1/2 years ago with PWS, we didn't know what journey God was going to take us on, only that he would be with us through it. God has shown us so many things throughout our journey and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thank you for sharing this with us. We'll keep up with you via this blog and help in any way we can.

Love to you and your family,

The Warrens

Rebekah Lollar said...

You both are such an inspiration!

Rebekah Lollar said...

ps. I just checked out the world map and that's very cool!!! There was a dot on Australia!!! God is working through y'all in all parts of the world!

Laurie said...

Hey Brittany,

My mom told me what was going on with you. I'm sorry to hear about your situation but know that all things are in God's control. I pray that you will have peace and strength to get through this tough time with your sweet baby boy.

I will read up when I can.

Laurie Beasley Prescott

Ruthie said...

I found your blog through Angie Smith's, Bring the Rain, a few days ago. I've been checking up now each day and praying! Some very good friends of mine and my husband had their fist son at around 25 or 26 weeks. The Mom was in the hospital for a long time, waiting it out... just like you! I keep thinking of her when I read your story. She is a believer and I know God got her through, as He will you. Her son is now a strong, adorable, smart and totally normal 5 1/2 year old. God is amazing. I am praying for miracles for your family too! Thank you for sharing your story with us all. It is inspiring to see your faith and your perseverance. Praying for Reed too, that must be so hard.

Ruthie in Ohio

Michelle said...

Hey Brittany,
You have survived another day!!! YEA!! Praise God!! What are your thoughts on reading?? I wondered if you had read the Twilight Series. Just an idea on passing the time. The residents, for the record, make rounds in the morning then follow doctors the rest of the day. They work either in clinic, get consults on new admissions, ER, or Labor and Delivery. Trust me they aren't sleeping. As a nurse, I know they get very little of that. Okay, enough chit chat. I am praying that God will continually hold you and Gaines in His loving arms and protect both of you from infection and keep you together as long as it is safe. I pray God will continue to lift you and Beau up spiritually, physically and emotionally. Take one day at a time angel.

Until next time,

Michelle Gregory

Sandra said...

Brittany and Beau,

Just wanted you to know that we are still praying for you and thanking God everyday for the miracles that He is blessing you with daily. Everytime you ask yourself "why?" just read a few of the comments and realize how this one event in this moment in time is reaching out across the world and ministering to others as they try to minister to you. It is so incredibly awesome!! I am very happy that you met your "angels" today and that they are meeting one of your many needs. God moves hearts and changes lives everyday and He is using you. Feel Blessed, feel Peace, and feel Strength! God loves you and so do we.


Katie said...

Irby and I are anxious to get back to DC to come for a visit. We are praying for you baby Gaines, Brittany, Reed and Beau. Thanks for keeping us updated through your blog, and for letting us know how we can pray for you all. See you soon...

the*4*of*us said...

that is so awesome!!! I live about an hour away and wish there were something I could do for you guys....I am so glad that you now have a good option for after! Praying for you all!

aprilcjenkins said...

Hi Beau and Brittany,
Derek's sister lives in Alexandria and wants to come by the hospital to see you today. Her name is Keri. She wants to be avaliable to you both if you need anything.
We are continually praying for you!
Derek and April Jenkins

Alex said...

Beau and Brittany

Just wanted to tell you that Susan and I are praying for both of you as well as Gaines. It is a true testament to both of yall's faith in how yall are handling this situation. Both of you are the picture of a God centered faith and you have been an inspiration to me and a lot of other people as well. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for yall here in Montgomery, and we look forward to seeing yall when you get back home.

Alex and Susan Carothers

Debbie Taylor said...


The entire Sycamore Management family is praying for you, Brittany, Reed and Gaines. We praise GOD for each passing day that Gaines grows stronger.

Debbie Taylor