Monday, March 30, 2009

Fact or Fiction?

We are halfway through day 12 and so far so good. I took a little nap this morning and feel so much more rested. I guess my late night and early mornings kind of caught up with me. I didn't even realize I was tired.

There isn't much to report. I had my blood tested this morning. My nurse thought it was ok when I asked. I feel like it is or a team of doctors would have been in here by now. We did have a little visit with my attending physician (top doctor here) last night so I thought I'd fill you in on that.

She came in last night and was exchanging pleasantries with us but I think Beau and I were both thinking...what's up? She just doesn't come in at night. I finally asked her if something was wrong. I told her she made me nervous coming in at this time of day. Basically she meant to come earlier but got sidetracked and finally made it down. Either way it was good to talk to her.

I apologized to her for my reaction when she told me I wasn't going home and then we had a fairly candid conversation about my situation. I learned somethings from talking to her that I need to correct from earlier posts. First, I may not have a c-section. Apparently when an infection does set in, it usually causes labor to start. If Gaines has turned and is no longer breech, they will let labor continue and he'll be born normally. There is also a chance if labor is fast and he's still breech he'll come that way as well. I think it all depends on how quickly things develop. I was under the impression that a regular birth would be too stressful for such a little baby but she said that really there is nothing to support that theory. She also confirmed our thoughts that things will be going along as normal one day and something will happen and they'll take the baby. Most likely because labor will start. Apparently labor can happen really quickly in a case like mine. I assume because the baby is so small.

I asked her if I she thought I really could make it to 28 weeks. She told me I absolutely could. She couldn't predict that but knowing that she thought it could happen made me feel like its a little more doable. Here are the parts that Beau and I interpreted differently. I choose to believe my version as it is more favorable. I can't remember her exact words but I think she said something to the effect of the longer you go, the better your chances of going longer...if that makes sense. I so hope that is true. Also, we were telling her about our blog and about how many visitors we'd had and how many people were praying for us and she was blown away. I swear she said that there were a lot of people in the hospital praying for us. Beau thinks I totally made that up and I guess I could have, but I choose to believe it.

She was looking around our room at all of the things people have sent us and listening to us telling her about the blog and she said it made her tear up. Anyway, I really think our visit last night went a long way on our relationship with her.

Let's see, what else...Gaines' heart rate sounded good this morning. Tomorrow is 26 weeks. I can't wait to scratch that little goal off the list.

We just got a picture forwarded to us of Reed eating lunch with his cousin Kathryn. It was so funny. I don't think sweet little Kat knows what to do with this wild boy. During the day in Birmingham Reed is staying at Beau's sister's house with her youngest and the nurse that keeps her. Beau's mom told us that when she dropped him off this morning Kat had just woken up and Reed came in full force. She said Kathryn looked at him like what are you so happy about? She said her mouth dropped open when he came in. He is just so full of energy. I think our families are getting a good taste of why we go to bed so early at our house.

All right...I guess that's about it for now. Please pray for an un-eventful rest of day 12 and that we make it to 26 weeks (and beyond) tomorrow!

Beau just called parts of this post fiction but I swear that's the way the conversation went. Men...

Love to all,



LSmith2 said...

I am taking everything you posted as gospel :)

Much Love,

dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

I have been following your blog since we heard about this from a family member at Bethany Baptist Church. I have twins who were born preemies, we were in the hospital for right at 5 weeks, so I remember those days. Hang in there and remember that there is Nothing our God can not do!
Much Love,
The Smith Family

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sounds like a good report..and men don't hear as much as women...EVER


Teresa said...

Isn't it amazing how God uses people for His work? I have been praying for you to be bathed in God's peace, comfort, and security. That physician coming in at such a weird hour certainly sounds like God is using those around you to provide just those requests. Jehovah Shammah--God is there!

In Prayer on your behalf,
Teresa M
Landmark Church of Christ, Montgomery, Alabama

Emery Wilkerson said...

Hi there! Ran across your blog on a friend of a friend & have been checking in multiple times for several days now. I am actually pregnant & due with a little boy 1 week after you- 7/15! I am praying for you all!! Knowing God will take care of you & baby Gaines! And I have to tell you I laughed about your blog post & Beau not agreeing! Sounds like mine & my husbands interpretations of things! :-)

Sassy said...

Just letting you know that I am still thinking of you and praying for you. It is very possible that you could be there for a very long time yet. Which I know is a pretty bitter-sweet thought. When I was in the hospital the nurses would tell me stories of women who were there 8-10 weeks. There was also a nurse whose daughter was 24 weeks when her water broke and she was one of the lucky few whose sac repaired itself. She got to go home and delivered at 37 weeks! There is always hope!
I started going into labor the night before I turned 27 weeks. When they did an exam the next morning her cord was protruding, so we had an emergency c-section. Even though she was so early she survived and so far there doesn't seem to be any long term problems. Just wanted to let you know that even if you did deliver soon there is a good chance things will be ok.

Sending love!

my3sons said...

Congrats on it being day 12! Every day is a blessing! I had to laugh at the end of your post. Men and Woman always hear different things don't they? It keeps things interesting.....I guess:) I'm fairly new to your blog; I have commented once before. Still praying that the little one stays put for a while longer! Katie

Don't Blink Photography said...

I just found your site bloghopping. I am saying a prayer for a safe and healthy delivery.
I have a Birmingham Photography business & would be honored to take pictures once you are back in Birmingham.
Feel free to contact me

Alicia said...

Hi! I am so glad to see you are on day 12. I am praying for an uneventful day and then some!

Praying from Birmingham!

Stephanie said...

Praise God for day 12!!! I found you a few days ago through Kelly's Korner, and I have been praying for you since. May you have many more uneventful days ahead!!

Angie said...

The Grant Family in Charleston SC is checking your blog often for updates on Brittany and Baby Gaines. Obviously we don't know you personally but you guys have become a little like family to us ...we pray every day for God to continue to wrap his arms around you all and keep Brittany and Baby Gaines in good health. Our hope is that someday in the future, you will look back on this time and remember it for God's grace, mercy and healing. We pray your future includes a loud, crazy household full of wild little HEALTHY boys!!

Jennifer said...

Go Brittany & Gaines!! Continuing to pray for more days like today and that you'll make it past 28weeks!!

Nancy Williams said...

Hey Britt - Just checking on you today, glad everything is going well.
Nancy Williams

April - Team Tottle said...

I'm glad she told you that you could absolutely make it to 28 weeks! When I was admitted at 21 weeks because of pProm, I was just focused on making it to 24 weeks since that is when they say the baby has any chance of survival. When I made it to 24 weeks I realized that God could do so much more so I started settling in and just trusted that I was going to be in the hospital for a long time. Like I said in my comment on another post, I was ruptured for 8 weeks! I made it to 29 weeks with my daughter and I believe you can too and even beyond, God willing. I also wanted to add that I remember reading something while I was on bedrest that if you do go into labor, that's actually better for the baby cause somethings happens where the baby's body prepares itself for life outside the womb, like a little natural maturation of the lungs, etc. Our bodies are so amazing! Don't quote me on that but I'm pretty sure I read that. I had lots of time to read on bedrest cause I was only an hour away from home and my husband had to continue to work so most of the time I was by myself in my room just reading medical journals online, I also learned how to crochet (something I'd recommend!). I made my daughter a blanket first as I felt that was helping me trust the Lord that I would have a baby who would be able to use that blanket. Cause my friends/family were hesitant to buy any baby things for fear of the worst. Anyway, like I said before you can read our story here: and if you have any questions at all about our experience please contact me, I'd be more than hapy to share and encourage you during this tough time. I'm praying you will be there for a while even though it's hard having Reed being in the care of others. I also felt God told me not to worry about my son Keaton at the time, Autumn needed me more at that time and God told me He was taking care of my son and what better hands for him to be in, right?

Hokie Grandma said...

Although we would love for you to be together with Reed, we are praying for many more good days in DC. God is bigger than all of us and He is holding tight to you, your family and friends. Lean on Him when you are weary and He will give you rest. I know I have been there.

The Ellis Family said...

I agree with the "men" comment!! I take everything you wrote as the honest truth. Another milestone down!! Kat and Reed seem to be having a lot of fun together today! I'm sure he's missing you but these two are getting some much needed playtime. Keep up the good work hanging on!


dchumley said...


I just loved your post, and I believe every word of your post. Men do hear what they want to hear and women hear it all!! Sorry Beau! I'm just so happy that you and Gaines are hanging in there and tomorrow makes 26 weeks!!! How wonderful...God is so good and I pray he will continue to hold you close and give you strength during this time. We pray for all of you daily and we're very thankful for your daily updates. Hugs to Reed when he arrives on Friday!!


Donna :)

Jared and Kate said...

I recommend you check out It's a support board of preemie parents (Ifound it through the March of Dimes magazine when my son was in the NICU). There is a lot of good information and support on there--as well as many, many stories of people who have made it for a LOT of weeks after PPROM before delivering. Don't give up hope that you could make it past 28 weeks! The hospital is the best place to be to prevent infection!

Thomas and Jamie said...

Just came to your blog from! I've now spent the better part of an hour reading all of your posts...and I'm at work...Oh well!

I laughed at your comment earlier about seeing 34 whole comments! I just wanted to add one more to today's!! I now have your blog saved to my favorites and will be checking in each day to see how you are progressing! I am a FIRM and STRONG believer in the power of the Almighty GOD! He can do ANYTHING and will use ANYONE that is willing to display His power and His glory to others! Keep the faith and know that no matter when sweet Gaines decides to make his appearance, God already knows!!!

Jamie Allen

Lori said...

I say take as many naps as you want/can they will help the days fly by. I am so glad your on your way to day 13, keep doing what your doing.

Heidi said...

Praying for ya'll in Montgomery....

We have two little "miracles" and God is with you and your little miracle boy in there keeping him safe until he is ready!

I will put you guys on our SS class prayer list at Frazer UMC if that is ok. We have some little old ladies in there (the class my husband teaches) who prayed for our little ones and they really take prayer seriously.

It may get rough and you may get discouraged at times, but please know that you have a lot of us out there (and down here) praying for your family.

Love, The Murphy Family

MSUMama said...

I arrived at your blog via Kelly's Korner and have been avidly keeping up with your entries. Of course, you've all been in my prayers and thoughts. I'm also from Alabama (New Market is north of Huntsville, almost to the TN stateline). I wanted you to know that there is a wonderful book that came out several years ago by Anne Leary (wife of actor, Dennis Leary). It almost mirrors your situation. She was in London when her water broke at 26 weeks. She was admitted to a London hospital and she and her little boy made it to 28 weeks when he was delivered by c-section. She ended up staying in London for 5 months until her son was able to travel. He's now a happy healthy teenager. Anyway, the book is called "An Innocent, a Broad". I would love to get a copy to you, if you are interested.


Sharon said...

I arrived here from Kelly's too. (She needs a highway named in her honor!! lol)
Please know that prayers are being said here in Florida for Gaines and your family! You'll be added to our church's prayer roll immediately too. God CAN and DOES work miracles!! All of your brand new blogging "friends" are gonna step back, hold hands, pray and watch God work His wonders!! Hugs....

LPN4KIDS said...

Greetings from way down South Alabama... I came across your blog a couple days ago and just wanted you guys to know that we are praying for you at Elba First Assembly in Elba, Alabama.. I added you all to our prayer bulletin at church and we are believing that everything is in God's hands! Just know that people "back home" are praying with you and for you!
Love in Christ,
Heather Adcock
Elba, Alabama

Anonymous said...

All of us in "BlogLand" know men never listen. Still praying.

Kathryn said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I live in Birmingham too! If your family ever needs help with babysitting your little boy, I would be happy to help!!! I'm praying for you and baby Gaines!


Rosie said...

Hey Brittany, Beau and Gaines,

Just wanted to let you know that we're still praying for you all. I check your blog several times a day and am amazed at how many visitors you've had to date. It seems there are prayer warriors all over the world praying for you. Keep hanging in there.
Jeff and Rosie

Stephanie said...

Well I think that everything sounded great!!!

Continuing to pray for your family!!!

Darcy said...

Praying for you here in North Dakota!!

The Cotton's said...

You and your family are in our prayers!

Wade & Suzanne Cotton

His Doorkeeper said...

I saw your link on Kelly's Korner and wanted to come over and tell you how much I believe in the power of prayer. God moves in ways no one can understand but you must trust Him. I am praying for you and your whole family thru this and asking God for a healthy baby and wonderful experience for you all. God is so good!

Kelly' s Mom

Mab said...

Hi again Brittany,
I've been checking everyday just to see how things are going (everyday that is since I started reading your blog a few days ago)
I loved this post....and your conversation with the doc. You probably heard everything just right. We women do! :) Sounds like you and Beau had a really good visit with the doctor! I'm so glad.
Praying for you every day, especially in the a.m. right after the pledge in my classroom (I teach 6th graders) when we have a moment of silent prayer.
Take care.
Arlene in Baton Rouge

Anonymous said...

I found your blog at Kelly's Korner. So glad that things are going well so far. My cousin had a baby girl at 23 weeks. She is just over 1 1/2 years old and is just perfect. God truly does work miracles! I'll be praying for your cute little family.

m said... are awesome! It has been a few days since I have checked in and it is so powerful to see that God has answered our initial prayers of staving off infection for the first 10 days!!! I wonder what God is thinking right now...with so many prayers constantly being lifted up for your family, you know it must make him smile on many fronts. God is seeing his people love each other, He is seeing your faith and trust in Him and he is seeing many others come closer to faith in Him. Our church last night held a prayer session for those that were sick, citing the verse in James 5:14-16 that you have at the top of your blog, I know prayers were offered up for you!
It is great to see your daily goings on and your positive attitude, it is great to see God shine through! On another note, I have a prayer request for you guys, seeing as God is constantly looking down on you! I visited a soccer friend of mine today at UAB who was in a car wreck and shattered their T-5 Vertebrae and has no feeling from his arms down. He is not active in a church but has seen a church community put support him, I ask you to pray that through his ordeal he can come to know Christ.


Martin and Andrea Harris

Stacia said...

Just found you through Kelly's blog. Glad to see you made it through another day!
Prayers for no infection and a long boring stay at the hospital from Washington state.