Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 6

We have had a busy morning...nothing regarding Brittany or Gaines. Believe it or not we have had 4 visitors this morning.

One of my friends who is in politics happened to be in DC today and was near the hospital so he stopped by in between meetings. It was very refreshing to see someone from Montgomery. We also had two "friends of friends" that stopped by. It is uplifting when people you don't know contact you through email, the blog, or a visit just to see if there is anything you need.

The fourth visitor was actually our US Congressman's wife, Mrs. Bright. Mrs Bright kept asking Brittany if there was anything she needed or wanted. Brittany finally broke down and told her that she really wanted a pizza. So, Congressman Bobby Bright and his wife are sending over a pizza for dinner. How Cool! I can't wait to tell Gaines that our Congressman sent us a pizza while we were in the hospital in DC (my apologies to the Brights for being politically starstruck).

Before I wrote this post, I checked the site meter on our blog. If you are new to the blogging world, you can click on our site meter and see statistics regarding the visitors of our blog. It is really cool. Thus far, our blog has been viewed by people in China, Germany, Australia, Canada and throught the US. It is so uplifting and humbling to know that people all over the world are praying for us.

I apologize that this post is so random and not much medical information but I guess that is a good thing. Remember, no news is good news. Please keep praying...miracles are happening.



Debra Davis said...

Brittany, I finally figured out how to leave you a message but I have been following this blog since the minute I heard about it. I can't tell you how much you have been on my mind since this happened. I did see Beau in the hotel and gave him a hug to pass along to you. Please know there are SOOOOOOOO many people praying for you and your family here at Alfa. On the plane ride home from DC everyone was asking about you and said to tell you they are praying for you. I know this is tough - especially for a prissy girl like you (wink) but I know that God will not give you anything you cannot bear. Please continue to be patient and know we are are here rooting for you, Gaines, Beau and Reed. Your blog is so uplifting. You are amazing, as is your entire family.

Wes Oden said...

Hey Brittany, I have been praying for you guys daily, ya'll are constantly on my mind. You have sounded very strong and positive through all of this and I know, that with God's help, you and Beau are fully equipped to handle this. Thanks for the random thoughts,they have served as a funny reminder of my Alfa days.

Mary Beth said...

Hey guys! So I just now got the blog address. Apparently I wasn't on the email list, my feelings were kind of hurt but I'll take that up with Aunt Babs later :) Just wanted to let you know that I am constantly praying for all of you. I also agree with why you believe this happening to you. God only brings stuff that you can handle. He must know y'all are some pretty strong and loving people. I'll be keeping up with you all on here! Roll Tide and War Eagle!!

Annie said...

hi there,
another random stranger praying for you here! I dont know if it helps, but i have two things to offer.
One, is a free southwest airlines ticket. Basically what i was thinking is if the folks who are taking care of your little man, would like to fly up here with him in his lap, it would cover one, and maybe they could sneak in an extra visit.
two. I have a choice privledges account with Choice hotels and could try to get you discount hotel rooms too.
also, have you talked to ronald mcdonald house? their goals is to keep families together through sickness and maybe they could set up something for you to increase your family togetherness time? When our 26 weeker was born, they hosted me, my parents and brother and his wife. (in delaware)
good luck with everything and you can email me @ compewa@aol.com
ive been there, can talk whenever you need to!

meredithtillman22 said...

Enjoy that pizza!! Sounds great! I'm so glad that you've had some visitors up there. And that is so neat about Congressman Bright's wife. What a coinkydink! :) Oh yea, and it is so weird how so many people know about yall. Today my Geometry teacher stopped me in the hall to know if I had heard anything because the post wasn't as early as usual. haha. Keep hanging in there!! Love yall!

Beth said...

Remember that you MUST post early each morning so I will not have to call! I am praying that tomorrow will be a good day for all. I will send the cross stitiching when you are ready!