Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Things...

I've got three main things to report tonight.

1. We've had a mini-victory tonight with Gaines. I put some of the Chicken Parmesan I made in the food processor and fed it to him. He gagged on the first bite so I stuck my finger in it and let him taste it. After that, he grabbed the spoon and pulled it to his mouth. He didn't consume a lot of it, but he was interested in having it in his mouth and was kind of getting familiar with the texture. I know it sounds small but it is huge for Gaines. Another highlight, he took two of his bottles today via sippy cup. Two tiny steps in the right direction.

This is still part of number one but I thought I needed a new paragraph. Someone mentioned in a comment today that Prevacid caused their child's appetite to decrease. Gaines is on Prevacid too so I researched it a little and called his doctor. He called in a new prescription to switch him back to Zantac and see if it helps his appetite. I think given today's tiny success, I might wait and see if we are on to something with "real" food but we are ready to try the medicine change if this doesn't get the ball rolling. Thanks for the tip!

2. I think Reed has an older child syndrome. He was spraying my flowers outside today with his spray bottle (best 96 cents I've spent in a while) and he said, "Am I doing it perfect, Mom?". Poor little thing already has a need to be perfect. Other older children will understand this. You rogue second and third children will not.

3. So, remember forever ago when we shot that footage for the 700 club? Well they discontinued that portion of their show but they are still airing them on their website. Here is the link if you are interested.

Love to all,



Emery Wilkerson said...

Loved the video!!! You did wonderful speaking!! And all the pictures they included of ya'll were great! Glad we got to see it!

waikikimum said...

Glad Gaines had some steps forward today. Small things that other people take for granted us mums with sick kids get so excited about.