Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Come on Down!

You know how you have some nights that just go how they are supposed to? We've had one of those nights tonight and I've loved it. There was no major commotion and the boys actually played together while I cooked dinner. We had a nice family dinner with Gaines in the high chair and Reed in a big boy chair. Usually Gaines is in the exersaucer while we eat but in an effort to get him more used to eating, we put him in the high chair with a small serving of chopped up spaghetti for him to "eat". He played with it, got it everywhere and even opened his mouth when I'd scoop a bite on my finger (he preferred my finger to a utensil and beggars can't really be choosers so I obliged). Again, he didn't consume huge quantities but there was no screaming involved, no clamping of the jaw and no trying to wedge a spoon in his mouth. I think this is progress. Maybe its just been the baby food he hasn't liked because this was a lot thicker with a lot more texture. I think we had one gag but everything stayed down. Here is Gaines after dinner tonight. He went straight from this chair to the tub. You can see why.

He really is a pretty happy boy...when he's getting his way. He screams like a girl when he's not. Seriously, this high pitched squeal. I wish you all could see him at home. He's a little thing but he gets wherever he wants and is always following someone around. He followed Reed and me somewhere this afternoon and I asked Reed what we were going to do with Gaines. I said, "Do you want us to keep him or do you want us to move him out?" Reed said, "Move out". Actually, he has been sweeter to his little brother lately. Reed hugs and kisses him before bed. You should see the giant smile on Gaines' face. He loves his big brother.

Also, we'll never have to discipline Gaines because Reed handles that for us. "No Gaines...don't touch that". "No Gaines, that mine."

On a seperate note, the video below is Reed in the bath last night. They have a "Watermelon Idol" (watermelon is his class right now) in his class where they each get to sing their favorite song into a microphone. Apparently, they get called to "Come on down" when its their turn.

I guess that's about it. Just a note on the questions about Gaines' breathing treatments. Right now he's taking albuterol treatments via nebulizer because our doctor thinks they are more effective. We'll stop those soon and are only doing them again because of the pneumonia. He takes flovent via the "puffer" with a chamber everyday.

I think its going to be an early night for me tonight.

Love to all,



waikikimum said...

That video is so cute. Glad that Gaines ate a little bit. It all helps.

Giggles said...

Enjoyed the picture and the video. Glad everyone is doing well.