Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well...I don't have much to report. Its been kind of a low key weekend. Gaines has a pulmonology checkup tomorrow so say a little prayer that it goes well. We are hoping to lose the diuretics that he's on and get permission to cut him to a quarter of a liter. We'll also talk to them about an appetite stimulant. He's been doing better the last few days but I know he's not going to have gained much weight.

Like I said, he's doing better with the eating. He's still not consuming huge amounts but he's eating some without fighting and actually feeding himself some things. I learned today that he likes sugar cookies. Go figure. You can break a few small pieces off and he'll use his little pincher grasp (milestone...check) to eat them. No gagging at all. Makes me think he's been playing us this whole time.

Reed has been fun all weekend. Beau took him to a ballpark Saturday morning and he can't wait to go back. He just asked me as I kissed him goodnight if we could go to the ballgame tomorrow. Sweet boy. last quick thing. Reed and Beau went to church this morning. On the way, Reed said, "Daddy, you going to see Jesus soon". Say a little prayer for Beau. We'd like to keep him around for a little longer.

Ok...I know this post is a dud. Sorry.

Love to all,



natalie said...

Isn't it great that you only have "dud" stuff to post about? that's such a huge relief after all the "please pray" posts when you were pregnant and Gaines was in the hospital. Some of us are still around and check on your sweet family often! It's fun to see Gaines growing up and changing so quickly when I prayed for all of you before his arrival!

Shecw82 said...

I'm a little concerned that Brick has homicidal thoughts towards Beau. Think about putting some mini-weights in Garth Brooks' diaper before they weigh him in. Be subtle.

The password is: hairavel