Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Night With My Boys

Wow...lots of comments and good ideas. I'll have to try some of those. Y'all don't feel too sorry for me, Reed completely redeemed himself with the mother's day card he made at school. He drives me crazy but he makes up for it in so many ways and keeps me laughing all the time.

About the sleep, I don't have a problem really getting either of them to bed...its just the mornings. Reed goes to bed at 7:30. We had him going to bed later the last time we had this problem and his pediatrician said he should be in bed between 7 and 7:30...considering his wake and nap times. I know you can't do everything by the book/doctor but our pediatrician has never lead us wrong so I'm trying to stick to it.

Speaking of pediatrician, Gaines had his one year check-up today. They're going to let us keep him. He did not gain as much weight as I'd hoped...17 lbs 3 oz which means he's in the less than 5th percentile on weight. The good news is that he's in the 55th percentile on height. After talking to our superdoc today (I just love him), I've decided that I'm going to sort of change philosophies on Gaines. We are so nutrtition focused that we aren't letting him progress on foods. Because bottles have more calories, we'd rather him have those, and those are so concentrated and thick, he has no desire for actual or soft table foods. It's time that he's venturing into all of that. Plus feeding himself would help develop his fine motor skills.

I won't bore you with everything but I am asking for prayers on this. Its kind of a leap for me. The nutritionist and pulmonologist he sees every two months have him on all these extra bottle calories so they might not be impressed with the new plan but the way I see it is, what can it hurt. It's not like he's breaking the scales doing it their way. I guess he can always go backwards but that's where your prayers come in. Please pray for weight gain and interest in actual foods.

In other news, I took the afternoon off for today's appointment so afterwards we went to visit our old nurse friends in the NICU. It was so great to see them and I think they were all excited to see Gaines. He jabbers non-stop these days but he just stared at them in awe. I wondered if he knew where he was. Probably not I guess but it was still a fun visit.

It's been just me and the boys this afternoon so I've been a little bit of a supermom. It's crazy when you have them both by yourself but I love the feeling when they are both in bed and the house is in order. I feel like I accomplished something. Granted, we had a frozen pizza for dinner and there were no baths (Friday baths are not mandatory here...I'm sorry if you think that's gross) but I do have my sheets in the dryer and a couple other weekend projects in the works. I'm hoping to do some planting in my flower pots tomorrow amongst a few other things. Its my first full weekend at home in weeks so I plan to get some projects done and do a little relaxing. Beau informed me earlier this week that I had a problem just letting things sit "undone" and relaxing (he does not seem to suffer from this same disorder) but I plan to prove him wrong this weekend.

Oh...something I was thinking about earlier in the week. This will make up for my snide Beau comment above. I travel some for my work and people always ask me who takes care of my boys when I'm gone. Uhhhh...their dad? I continue to be baffled that I get asked this question ALL the time. I've always known that I'm blessed with an awesome husband but from these questions, I've come to learn that he's even more above average than I'd originally thought. I am very, very lucky to have a husband who is an active father/partner in raising two little boys and who I have complete confidence in when I'm out of town. I couldn't have my current job without him.

Now, nobody tell him I said that.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!



Tara Harden said...

Don't feel too bad about 17lbs+... Porter was term (5lb 7oz)without health problems and was only 20lbs+ at one, and I swear he hasn't gained any weight since his 15 month visit, and he was only 21lbs+ then. Actually when we took him to the Dr about 4 weeks ago he was only 20lb 13 oz. He was a little dehydrated, but still, that's no progress! He's just skinny I guess. I think he's at least getting a little taller, so that doesn't make me completely freak out.
We had the same dilemma with the food/bottle thing too--we finally had to stop the bottle cold turkey to get him to eat--he was just full on milk and wouldn't eat anything. Luckily he's not too stubborn so it worked.
Now we try to get him to eat ice cream and anything with lots of calories, but he is doing this the Porter way....

Kellie said...

I know I'm one of the folks who asked you about the kids care while you travel, not because I doubt Beau, but because I can't imagine either of you doing it alone. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Colleen said...

I have both kids by myself all week as my husband is off at a work training in Virginia. And both kids have colds and are grumpy as heck! (Greeeaaattt, lucky me!) So I feel your pain! Lucky you to have such a great husband! Mine also is very active. I don't know what I would do without him.

I really, really, really, really appreciate your honesty about how your kids drive you crazy sometimes. I felt like it was just me feeling guilty for being frustrated witih my kids (and frankly, just not even liking my daughter sometimes!) I am realizing that my mother was always right when she used to say, "I will ALWAYS love you. I just don't always like you!" :-)