Monday, May 24, 2010

Blah Day

Well...its been a day. Today was Gaines' pulmonology appointment and while it didn't go like we expected, it wasn't a bad report. I'm ok with it now but I sure wasn't when Beau called to fill me in...tears at work. Yeah...Here's the deal.

Beau took Gaines to his appointment today. With the hospital visit last week and some things we have coming up this summer, I just couldn't take off work again. Anyway, he called me pretty soon after they got to go back and let me know that not only had Gaines not gained any weight, he'd actually lost an ounce or two. Awesome. It was a let down to say the least. I knew he hadn't done great...but I didn't think he'd lost weight. And I know he's been sick and that's probably part of it but still...two months of no gain isn't great.

Luckily the doctor doesn't seem terribly concerned about it right now. Says he's probably just hit a plateau. The plan for that is to switch him from formula to Pediasure. Hopefully the extra calories will help. I've also got a side plan to get him to eat one sugar cookie a day. I think one Otis Spunkmeyer sugar cookie has 180 calories. That's kind of a half joke at the moment but I'm considering it. That would be huge for Gaines.

In other news...

We were hoping to lose diuretics today and that didn't happen. He didn't outgrow them.

We were hoping to get permission to cut oxygen and that didn't happen either. They don't want to push him too much before his surgery. Yep, I said surgery.

The hernia surgery that has been in the back of our minds for a while now but that I hadn't quite processed yet? Remember that one? I loved getting told today that my child was having surgery and I wasn't around to help make that decision. Felt like mother of the year over that one. Its not scheduled yet but it should be in the next 30 days. From what I understand its a minor procedure but before it happens, I will know every detail about what it all entails. For now, I'm still processing. For some reason, I was expecting this next when Gaines was off oxygen.

At least we are supposed to come up with a diuretic/oxygen plan a week or so after the surgery. Ughh...not excited about surgery.


So you see, it wasn't a bad report, but I was hoping for a great report and when nothing I'd hoped for happened...and I had a surgery sprung on me, tears at work ensued...and if I'm totally honest...five chocolate chip cookies with milk are currently being consumed...instead of the run that I had planned.

Prayers for weight gain and prayers for surgery would be much appreciated.

One last Reed thing. I was just sitting here typing this blog when I noticed that Reed was out of his bed. I told him to go back to bed and he told me he wanted to read his Bible. It was like he knew the one thing he could say without getting in trouble. He was sent back to bed to read it in the dark.

Love to all,


P.S. Word to the wise...5 cookies is too many but it didn't stop me from shoving the last one down my throat. Now I feel gross. Great.

P.P.S. I'm not in some deep depression...just indulging myself in a blah day.

P.P.P.S. Someone get the cookies out of my house.


jessie said...

i had way more than 5 oreos tonight; if that makes you feel better! your boys are so cute! special prayers coming your way for surgery!

. said...

Sometimes we all need a cookie night! Hugs and prayers for you all:)

Kellie said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for girl. Ya'll will make it over this hurdle too! Chin up!

Candi said...

So sorry things didn't go as you had hoped. I pray for Gaines to gain weight and become more strong by the day and gor Reed to be a big boy and stay in bed. (I have a 5yr old daughter that likes to get out of bed too!) And as a mother I pray for you. YOU ARE A GREAT MOTHER. Your family wouldn't be who they are without you.

Candi Smith
Brighton, TN

The Rathmell Family said...

We're disappointed right along with you. We will continue to pray. You are a great mom and you are always there for Gaines. Working full time and having a child with health problems is a back-breaking burden, and you can't be everywhere all the time. But you chose well when you married Beau and you two are giving Gaines everything he needs and more. Hopefully things will improve soon.