Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Is Good

So I'm back.  I haven't actually gone anywhere...just haven't spent a lot of time on the computer outside of work.  We had a good Labor Day around here.  Beau's sister and her family spent the weekend with us and his parents spent all day Saturday with us all.  We had a great time and actually relaxed most of the weekend...well, as much as you can with four kids in one house.  There was a touch of fall in the air (although its gone now...I hate a weather tease) and college football started.  Just a good weekend all the way around. 

Life has been pretty good lately.  The kind of good where you actually enjoy and appreciate your family.  Its amazing what a long weekend can do for you.  I think I'm still in a relaxed state of mind...either that or I am living in an alternate universe where I have time for painting projects, can't see the random toys strewn arouund my house, and oatmeal cream pies don't have calories.  Either way, I'm soaking it up.

I got a renewed since of hope this weekend with Gaines' walking.  Anytime he'd hang on my legs wanting to be held, I'd just take one of his hands and make him walk a little.  He did great and its definite progress because he's never really been able to walk well with just one hand.  So, I'm excited about that.  Please keep the walking in your prayers...they are helping.  Oh, also prayers for his hernia surgery.  This time next week, we'll have that all behind us.  I'm nervous, but ready to get it over with.

This weekend we got Reed's powerwheel Jeep out for the kids to play with.  You may remember seeing pictures of it on here about a year ago.  We put it up after its initial outing because Reed was just too little for it but got it back out this weekend.  To say he loves it is probably the understatement of the year.  The kids played on it all weekend long and had a blast.  This morning, I saw Reed putting on his shoes (while still in his pajamas) and his "baseball hat" (which he likes to wear backwards ???) so I asked him what he was doing.  He told me he "needed to check on something in the backyard" which is code for, "I want to ride my Jeep". 

We talked him out of it this morning with a promise that he could ride if he had a good day at school.  He did, and the pictures below are of Reed and Gaines this afternoon.  It was Gaines' first time on the Jeep and I think he liked it as much as Reed.  Just look at those faces. 

I'm sorry, but have you ever seen two more beautiful boys?

Love to all,



The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

They are getting so big! They look like they are doing wonderfully!

Stacy Brown said...

Can they look any more alike?? My goodness they are so adorable!

Abby said...

They are so cute. I am so glad to see them having such a great time together. Hopefully I will get to meet Gaines before too long.