Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Fine

I don't have a lot to report tonight but I decided that I better get on here and announce that I'm back to loving my family again.  This past week has been MUCH better than the week before was.  We've actually had a pretty relaxing weekend (or as relaxing as it gets with small children) and I've gone to bed thinking how blessed that I am to have my little family.  Its really hit me lately that no matter how hard the days or weeks are, they are nothing compared to what they were this time last year.  Last year right now Gaines was STILL in the hospital.  Kind of puts things in perspective.  He's doing awesome by the way.  He's still working on his talking and is an expert at getting into things he shouldn't be.  What the appeal of my vase cabinet is, I will never know. 

Let's see...what else? This weekend I got to utter the phrase, "Reed, we do not use mama's make-up brushes to clean the floors."  His response:  "Well, the floor was a little wet".  Awesome. 

Oh, Gaines flipped himself out of his pack and play Saturday morning.  He sleeps in the pack and play in our room and pulled himself up on the side.  He got a little top heavy and flipped out.  We woke up to, Thud.  "Waaaa!"  That child is a M.E.S.S. 

I fished a book out of the toilet this weekend.  Thanks Gaines. 

This is a random post so I'll end with a random question.  Does anyone else have children that prefer not to wear clothes around the house?  Is it a boy thing?  We aren't home five minutes in the afternoons before Reed strips down to his underwear.  That's what he wears for the evening...underwear.  Oh, and sometimes, when he puts his underwear on himself, he puts it on inside out and backwards.  I probably should help him fix it but most of the time I leave him alone just because it makes me laugh to see him walking around like that.  Beau usually fixes it with a disapproving look in my direction but I can't help it.  I'd post a picture of it but I'm guessing that's inappropriate. 

All right, that's all for now.  I'm out. 

Love to all,



Rachel E. said...

My cousins and the kids I watch love to walk around naked or in just underwear/diaper. I guess it just depends on the family and what the parents allow because my sister and I would never have walked around in our underwear. I used to think it was just a boy thing but the 4-year-old girl I watch walks around in her underwear all the time, even when people are over.

The Stovall's said...

Brittany, Eason and Holt hardly ever wear clothes around the house. Just ask Kristin!

angie b said...

Meghan's two girls would just as soon go around in their underwear also!

Stephanie said...

You always make me laugh Brittany!