Monday, September 7, 2009

The Pulmonologist

Just a quick update...

Gaines lost a little bit of weight last night (2 ounces) and now weighs 9 pounds 10 ounces. This is the third night in a row he has lost weight. This morning the doctor wanted to reduce his lasix but decided to wait until he could consult with Gaines' pulmonologist. The doctor should call the pulmonologist Tuesday morning and let the pulmonologist make the decision regarding the lasix.

Gaines' doctor is letting the pulmonologist make the decision because the pulmonologist will be "calling the shots" once Gaines is released. Since we are getting close to Gaines' release date, the doctors in the NICU have given the pulmonologist the authority to make the decisions. This also means that we really aren't sure if Gaines will go home on Friday. Again, even though the NICU doctors are leaning towards releasing him, it will be up to the pullmonologist.

Hopefully we will know a lot more on Tuesday night. We will update everyone as soon as we know.



Grammy Jane said...

My prayers are for God's best for you as you prepare for Gaines to come home. He is an awesome God!! I know you are ready to have all four of you under the same roof. May God bless you in these preparations.

Diana said...

Praying for you guys as these big decisions are being made. I am also praying for divine wisdom for the pulmonologist. I know you all are dying to be together as one whole family. God bless you in this new season.

Katie said...

Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend, so glad you were able to room-in. Praying everything stays on track for this weekend and that being at home helps Gaines even more.

K, D & J

PS - Good game!!! :)