Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie Stars

Well, maybe not quite movie stars but interview stars. Beau and I did an interview today with the 700 Club. Well, I did actually but there should be shots of Beau and Gaines in the footage. I had never heard of the 700 Club before but apparently it is a Christian news based program on the religious channel (I should really know what its called!). They were in town doing a story on the Footprints Ministry and wanted to have a little piece on a family and they asked us to do it. Of course we said yes. Originally we thought we'd both be interviewed but at the last minute we found out they only wanted one. Beau encouraged me to do it so I did. I hope I did Footprints justice!

The only snag in the whole process was that by the time I got there, they had already filmed Gaines for the piece and his outfit was terrible. I was mortified. Of all the nice things he has...I mean, number one, the shirt was not one of my favorites and number two, the pants didn't match. They were just some random blue pants. He doesn't always have on my favorite outfits but he usually matches...I about died. I know...all the things we have going on and I'm worried about Gaines' outfit. Well, that's just me. If you see the piece (and of course we'll let you know when it will air) please pretend like he's wearing a little white gown with a lamb on it.

Everything is still set for a Friday release. We got his prescriptions today (all 9 of them)and took them to be filled. We'll pick them up Friday. Please pray that I don't stroke as they swipe my debit card.

We are super busy around here tonight. Getting ready for Gaines! Pack and play is up. Cradle is in our room. Swing is out. Burp cloths ready. Diapers lined up neatly in the diaper basket. We are all set...I hope.

Two quick things before I much to do...bottles still need to be washed. First, Gaines will get a RSV vaccination soon but until then, Beau and I would like to limit his visitors. Just with it being cold and flu understand. This flu business is so scary to me because you could be sick and not even know it. I know that none of you would want to be the reason he gets sick. And secondly, I owe so many of you thank you notes for dinners, gifts, etc. Please bear with me. I promise they are on my list of things to do. I'd really hate to get a giant black X on my social status. :)

Please keep us in your prayers.

Love to all,



Penni said...

Girl, you're killing me. That was SUCH a Brittany post (and I say that in a loving fashion). With all the FABULOUS things you've got going on and the wonderful thing that is happening in less than 48 hours, you posted about (1) Gaines' outfit and (2) a social grace. I love it. I'm so stinking excited for Friday I can hardly WAIT!! And we're not coming anywhere NEAR Montgomery. You wouldn't BELIEVE all the sickness we've had in our house in the last WEEK. Hugs & Roll Tide!!!

The Ellis Family said...

We are so excited for you - just think that in a little over 24 hours you'll all be home for the first time!!

We are all well at our house, but everyone will stay away for a little while except for me. And I will only come for whichever Saturday you want/need me. I can definitely do the 26th or Oct 3rd no problems - just let me know. (I can help any other Sat or Sun too.)

Love to the boys, you and Beau!


Thomas and Jamie said...

CONGRATULATIONS again on coming home TOMORROW!!!!! I so can understand the whole "matchy-matchy" thing - I'm that momma too! I don't think ANYONE will fault you for the thank you cards, for Heaven's sake. You've got ENOUGH to think about...

Just concentrate on Gaines and Reed and your family's personal homecoming tomorrow!! Thank you Lord!

Tiffany Dawn said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! I can feel your excitement too! This post was so "normal" - outfits and social stuff... nothing dramatic! No bad news... no hard news!! Just good news and normalcy! I"m so thankful to have gotten to read about your journey!
Tiffany in Dallas

Sus said...

I certainly hope that no one besides your immediate family tries to come over and love on sweet Gaines right now-that would be uncool since he is just now getting home-that is the last thing y'all need right now, and you are right about the sicknesses going around! I've asked people to just wait and stay away for now with a 5 week old who hasn't been in the NICU! :D That should be common courtesy. Also, you are hilarious about the thank you notes. THat is a Southern thing, for sure! DOn't worry about doing things like that right now, no one expects a thank you note (really) and I think you can have a year in your situation. :D Good Luck with bringing Gaines home. I have really enjoyed reading about your journey-I remember I was around the same time of pregnancy when your water broke, and every day I logged on to read and find out what was happening. I was so scared for you all. I know God is using your family to do great things-I will keep praying for you, Gaines, Beau, and Reed! You will do great at home!

otherwise known as mom said...

Hi, never posted before, but couldn't resist today. Congratulations!!! And oh, by the way, let the little things go (like thank yous). People know your heart they know you appreciate what they've done (or they wouldn't have done it in the first place :-)) Anyway, you have enough to do and deal with. Deal with the big stuff and when it's done, sit down in your own house and enjoy that baby!!

Again, congratulations!!!!!!!!

Avery Tales said...

Kim emailed us last week about the 700 Club interview! How exciting for you guys and how awesome for Footprints to get such great exposure!! I'm sure you did a great job and I promise people won't judge because of his outfit. :) I'm so happy to hear that he'll be heading home tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you guys as you adjust to being at home.

Cary said...

Brittany, I am so very thrilled for all of you! The thought of you all being together, in your own home, and loving on Gaines is bringing tears to my eyes. You have waited and prayed for this moment and not it is happening. Thanks be to God!

Cary said...

and that was a "now it is happening"! Sorry!

Karen said...

I'll be thinking and praying for you all tomorrow. I can still vividly remember the day Ryan came excited we were but also nervous. If I remember correctly one of us was holding him all the time for the first least! hehe. Cherish the memories, take lots of pictures & video and I hope you can keep the blog going...even if it's just once a week.

Jewel said...

Gaines looked absolutely adorable :)

The show airs on ABC so you are a network television star!!!

We soo enjoyed our time with you guys and I spent a little bit of time today catching up on your family since we were there in August and am praising God for what He's done in your lives and how you have let Him shine through!