Thursday, April 8, 2010


So...guess who's got a tooth? Well, all of us I guess...but now that includes Gaines! You can't see it too well yet but you can definitely feel it. He's had a pretty good week the past week except with his eating. He's kind of been on strike and spitting up whatever he decides to eat...yes, the reflux is back. No idea what got into him but we started back on the breathing treatments in case there is something in that medicine tied to his appetite. Anyone got any ideas on this? I love that they day we hear he needs to gain weight, he goes on an eating strike. I'm this close to "medicating" him with some sweetened condensed milk 3 times a day for some extra calories.

Reed has been great this week too. In between a couple of tantrums that is. He is really such a good child and has not really been into this "terrible twos" business...until this past week. In he last couple of days he's thrown two fits that just came out of no where and were over the craziest things. One, because he couldn't decide if he wanted to run to the grocery store with Beau so Beau finally left him and the other, because he didn't want to leave school when I picked him up one afternoon. Both times it was constant crying and screaming, "I want to gooooo...I want to gooooo...sob sob sob...." or "I want to stay here....I want to stay here..." Falling out in the floor and everything. I ignored the one at home but didn't know what to do when he did it at school. I pretended to just leave him but he called my bluff and I had to go pick him up. Also, I wasn't sure if the other mothers were looking at me with a "Way to be strong" look or a "Do something with your child" look. One of them said, "Is he two?" How could you tell?

I'm sure those will not be the last tantrums I see out of Reed and I'm a little afraid of what is to come with Gaines. That boy has a temper. To say he's spoiled is putting it mildly. I guess the world (at least our world) has kind of revolved around him the last year so I guess it makes sense but wow...that child will let you know when he's less than pleased with you. Just try walking out of the room if he doesn't want you to. And don't even try to change his clothes. He won't have it.

I guess that's about it for now. I just realized that this kind of turned into a post about the flaws of my children. Sorry...just keeping it real I guess. As crazy as they drive me sometimes, I promise...I really do love them. Especially now that they are both asleep. Love me some sleeping babies and a still house.

One quick thing, speaking of driving me crazy. I told Reed this week (when he decided that it was hilarious to not wear his pants) that he drives me crazy sometimes. He said, "I dub (love) to drive you crazy".

Love to all,



Susannah said...

Too cute! I can't believe Gaines is getting a tooth!

Risa said...

Just wanted to chime in to say, I have a son with reflux and am in an online group for parents of kids with reflux. Reflux flares are very common during teething :)

Terri Teacher said...

I want a playdate with Gaines! Tear Tear...Reed is Funny! Tell him Ready said hello!

sanjeet said...

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