Friday, April 23, 2010

New Blogging Philosophy

I think I’m going to try and post one quick post everyday and maybe one good long one a week. Both boys are just changing so much and are so funny right now that I want to try and remember as much of it as I can. So…this is my attempt to do that.

Also, I think I’m going to try and be more the “real” Brittany on here and less of the “sugar-coated, people I work and go to church and pass in the grocery store read this” Brittany. Not that I’ve never been myself on here, (Hello, you’ve seen me at my lowest lows and highest highs this past year)…I just sensor myself some because it might not be appropriate to mention things that regularly come up with my children or because I'm afraid that people might take me the wrong way and think I’m a bad mom or don’t love my children or whatever. Or, you just might not get my sense of humor. Just ask Beau…it’s weird. Very few people actually do get it honestly. If I’m going to keep this blog up, I want it to be an accurate depiction of our life. I’ll try and ease y’all in. Here we go...

I took some medicine over to Reed today at lunch before his nap because this pollen is really getting to him and there was a note sent home yesterday that he coughed all through nap (just call me supermom). I walked in and squatted down next to him at the table and talked to him for a minute. He promptly told me, “I not ready to go home yet”. I say, “That’s fine, you can stay and play with your friends for a while” but in my head I’m thinking, “Good, cause I’m not taking you yet”. Anyway, as I’m there all the kids are eating lunch and they think of course think I’m super cool (as I'm sure they do any stranger that interupts their day) and are talking to me and what not but I notice that Reed is being really quiet. I think he was embarrassed that I was there. Like I was cramping his style or something.

While I was there his teacher told me they’d just had “Wobbler Idol” where they each get to get in front of the class and sing their favorite song into the “microphone”. Reed sang his ABC’s which is in direct contrast to what he told me his his favorite song was yesterday, “O’Donald”…or as you may know it, Old McDonald.

One other Reed thing that is too funny but a little of my venture into what may not be appropriate. This morning Reed woke up at 4:57. This is the norm but I'm desperately trying to un-do it so I put him back to bed and told him I'd be back in an hour. Fifteen minutes later I hear, "Daddy, I pooped" over and over. I finally get up and go check on him (as it was my morning with Reed) and walked in the bathroom where he sat. You'd think he'd be thankful that I was there to help him but all he says is, "I was calling Daddy". I cannot tell you how close I was to getting back into bed and telling Beau that Reed needed him. I might next time.

Gaines is starting to get an appetite again thank goodness! Please pray that it keeps up. We need to fatten that boy up! Today’s Gaines anecdote is a sweet one. Last night Reed was going to bed and he gave me a goodnight hug and kiss while I was holding Gaines so he kissed and hugged Gaines too (he doesn’t usually) and Gaines got the biggest smile on his face. He loves his big brother. Made my heart smile.

Sweet boys.

Stay tuned for a Gaines post tomorrow in honor of his birthday!

I’m out for now…Brittany


Anonymous said...

I like the "real" you. Don't be worried about what other people think. I understand and I think all moms will. We all have kids who sometimes do funny, or crazy or mind boggling or even annoying things. So, glad that Gaines is doing better. I will keep praying for his beefing up.

Prayers from Texas

Diana said...

Just be you! Don't worry about what others think. You are just fine and feel the normal things that every mom feels. I struggle with those same feelings. Glad that Gaines is getting more of an appetite. Also, my daughter's have struggled with reflux and one of them has been on an appetite stimulant to help her gain weight. It is so freaky to see how much she eats when she is on it and then how little she eats off of it.

Coach's Wife said...

Please do NOT sensor what you say or think! As far as not "getting" your sense of humor..I totally do! You say things that sound exactly like something I would say or even have said! I am seriously cracking up over you thinking you weren't ready to take Reed home anyway, because I have thought it myself. I'm glad Reed was a little more open to Gaines, it's just an adjustment as I know you know. I have 2 girls and they love each other but geez! The way they fight, to be honest, I was happy to come back to work today! You are doing an awesome job and I hope you can keep up with the regular posts for my own selfish enjoyment! HA!