Monday, April 26, 2010

Poor Baby

I had to take Gaines back to the doctor today. The poor little thing just did not seem to be feeling so well this morning. Basically he just has a cold that has triggered his asthma (gosh, go figure…Gaines has asthma…who’d have thought?). Usually a cold just has to run its course but with Gaines we try and be proactive. Because of his airways being tightened from the asthma flair up, fluid could get trapped in his lungs and it could turn into pneumonia (which I guess could have been the case with any of his colds) so he’s on a preventative antibiotic and a steroid…for whatever it is steroids do. Oh, and increasing albuterol treatments to every four hours during the day for a couple of days. Keep him in your prayers. I hate seeing him feel so bad. On the positive side, he gained 2 ounces in 2 days which is great. I swear we have the best pediatrician. He and his staff are just really great. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that their patient is so stinking cute.

Ok…now something about Reed. We were all in the car Saturday night and Gaines was just babbling away. Reed looked at him and said, “I not know what you’re sayin, Gaines”. And Gaines just babbles back at him and says something about “Dada”. Reed says, “I not know what you’re sayin. You want daddy? Daddy’s driving.” And on and on for the ride home.

Also, Beau took Reed to the bathroom at a restaurant this weekend and had him in the bathroom stall. As Reed is sitting there some other man comes in to use the urinal and Reed says loudly “Somebody else goin potty.” I think Beau waited it out before he and Reed made their exit.

So funny to me.

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Thomas and Jamie said...

Poor Gaines!! There is nothing worse than when your baby is sick! Hope he gets better soon!