Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter! We are about to start our mad dash to get ready for church but first HAD to share these pictures. A friend with an incredible gift for photography (and taking pictures of children!) very generously offered to take some pictures of Gaines for us. Here's the link to the first three he sent us. I LOVE them.

I hope I can get this to work. There is probably an easier way but this is the best I can do. You know I'm not so computer savvy.

Go here:

Then scroll to the bottom of that page and click the facebook logo. Once the facebook page is up you can see the note Gaines-God's Miracle. Click on that and you can see three of the pictures that Martin took yesterday. I'd highly recommend him for anyone in the area wanting pictures done of their kids. He even got Reed to stand still for a few!

Happy Easter and Love to all,


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Grammy Jane said...

Beautiful pictures of all. He is such a precious baby. Hope your Easter was really special.