Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Recap

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We sure did. We started out the day seeing what Santa brought the boys. I'd say from the looks of things, Santa is a sucker for these two boys. Reed got the "horsey" that he'd been telling us Santa was bringing him. Santa was not planning to bring the "horsey" until the last minute because Reed is really too big for it but he caved two days before Christmas fearing that his parents' would hear, "What about my horsey?" if it wasn't here.

Quick side note, I just got interuppted from typing this because Reed TOLD me he needed to go potty and he did! That's big. He's been doing great with it but the hold back has been him telling us. He told Beau the other day at Publix that he needed to go too. Maybe we are on track to be 100% trained soon. Awesome way to start the day. I would have NEVER in a million years guessed I'd be so excited about this kind of stuff. If it means less diaper changing (and purchasing) I'm all for it.

Anyway, we had a great Christmas. After a super delicious breakfast (if I do say so myself) we read the Christmas story in Luke, opened presents from my parents and both boys got even more spoiled. Their aunt Abby (with no children) got Reed a scooter. Yes, you read that correctly. He's two with a red Radio Flyer scooter. In her defense it said ages two to five but I am really looking forward to Aunt Abby having children of her own one day.

Gaines wasn't super into it because he's still too little but I can't wait until next will be twice the fun. He got some good stuff too. Santa brought him a jumperoo (that may or may not have been previously owned by his that tacky? I mean we had it, should we have bought a whole new one? Buying for second kids is hard because you already have so much stuff.) Anyway, he really seemed to like it but we are sticking with the exersaucer until his therapist approves him using it. She doesn't want us using anything that would have him on his tip toes so she wants to see him in it before he uses it much. We are sticking with the exersaucer for now and he is still doing awesome in it.

Speaking of awesome, the other day when my parents were bringing all of their presents in our house, Reed said, "Mama, this is awesome." I didn't know he knew the word awesome.

On another yet sort of related topic, I have been fighting a toy invasion with every thing I've got. I was never going to be one of those people with toys all over my house. My children were going to keep their toys in their room and we'd have decor friendly storage options for the few that I let them keep in the den. We hung a bulletin board in Reed's room for all of the artwork he did at school. I'd keep one particularly nice or seasonably appropriate piece on the fridge, but I was not going to one of those people with all kinds of junk all over their refridgerator. I surrendered yesterday when Reed's alphabet letters took up residence there. I just do not have the will to fight anymore. Guess that makes me a mother. I'd say its worth it.

Ok...Better run. Reed and I are headed to Andalusia today to visit with some of my extended family. Crazy, I haven't been home since March. Beau always tells me that Montgomery is my home now and yes it is, but Andalusia will always be my home too.

Thanks to all of the comments about the reflux. It is so helpful to know that we are not the only people dealing with this. It hasn't been a huge deal other than being super frustrating but he lost weight last week for the first time. I'm sure part of it is him being more active but the other part has got to be him eating less and spitting up more. Please keep this in your prayers.

If you have read in more than a week or so, there is a new-ish post below.

Love to all.



kim_brough said...
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Becky said...

Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas! Have you gotten the ok from the therapist to use the jumperoo? (I don't think it's tacky to use some of the same things, but when he gets older he'll want some new things of his own too I'm sure). Hope you had a good New Year's also. We're all looking forward to a new update soon (as if you don't already have too much to do *lol*). Love to you all.