Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Good Reports

We've had two pieces of good news this week concerning Gaines. His physical therapist saw him Monday and while I wasn't able to be here, I spoke to her on the phone and she thinks that Gaines' hamstrings are not as tight! This is great news and I know that it is due to people praying for his little legs (and our constant stretching and massaging). We are still working on them just as hard but I feel like I can breathe a little easier this week.

Also, we had a follow-up appointment with the pediatric cardiologist this week. The report was that his heart is working great, and while his VSDs are still there (just two of them), the doctor fully expects them to be closed by the time he turns two. He doesn't need to go back to the cardiologist for a year. Great news.

Tomorrow we go to an appointment that the NICU doctors set up for us. Its kind of an assessment for high risk kids. From what I understand, he'll have several therapists looking at him and they will point us in the right direction of any other therapists or doctors that Gaines should be seeing. I really expect it to go well tomorrow (he's meeting all of his milestones right now), but I've mentioned before how having these therapists pick Gaines apart makes me nervous. Please pray that it goes well. I'll try and report back on this appointment soon.

We are looking forward to a weekend of Christmas activities around here. Beau's mom and dad are coming for the weekend so that we can take Reed to some things together. It should be really fun. He is just so much fun right now. The potty training is going very well and he is even wearing big boy underwear to school and around the house everyday.

I think that's about it for now. I'll try and updated some more later. I'm still kind of catching up around the house from being gone last weekend. Eventually I'm going to have to unpack and put away my suitcase.

Love to all,



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Gaines is doing so good. Will be praying for the appointment tomorrow.

On another note. Do you have any tips for potty training a boy? Dustyn is 21 months old and we are expecting our second baby in may and would like to potty train him before the new baby get here. I am open to any advice or suggestions. How old is Reed now?

otherwise known as mom said...

We also had an issue with VSDs with our fourth child. He turns three next week. A pediatric cardiologist has followed his growth since day two in the hospital when the issue was diagnosed. He is healthy and active and shows great progress in resolving the problem on his own. I pray the same for Gaines.

Carrie said...

Brittany, I am so glad things are going great, and that you can experience a little peace. I am quickly learning that those peaceful moments are something to cherish and meditate on when things get scary. I am praying that the appointment goes really well today, and that you leave full of praise for the Lord; amazed at how far He has brought your beautiful son. I left a comment on your last post (or your husband's I guess...) so please read it. I want you to know how much you help me. Love and prayers, and if I don't talk to you before, I pray you and your family have the best Christmas...