Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello world. I'm back. I've set aside time tonight to type up a good blog...we'll see how it goes. I started a post yesterday morning while Reed and Beau were getting ready for church (Beau's turn to go) and then life happened...Reed managed to have two accidents (potty training) and Gaines had a major spit up. Doesn't seem like much now that I type it but Gaines' reflux is back and as strong as it ever was so I was (and still am) super frustrated about that. Also, I had just taken Reed to the bathroom and he swore he didn't have to go...he lied. I tend to be a little over dramatic at times (which probably comes as a suprise to people who know me well) so in the midst of all this, I pick up Reed's plastic plate from his high chair and kind of toss (or threw) it into the kitchen sink. Of course I missed and the mandarin oranges that he chose not to eat that morning went every where and I had to scrape oranges off the backsplash for fifteen minutes.

Anyway, I scratched that blog because no one would have wanted to read what I would have had to say after all of that...and there is really no telling what I might have typed. Like I said, Gaines' reflux is back and I just get so frustrated over it...angry almost which I know is terrible because I know he can't help it. It's just that he was over it. I mean, he was good for a whole month. I have no idea what triggered it again or what to do to fix it. We've already upped his Prevacid another mL and its not helping. He's going to the doctor tomorrow to get checked for ear infections etc. I'm afraid if we don't get this cleared up soon we are going to end up in some specialist's office. I hope I'm over exaggerating.

The good news is that Gaines started baby food this weekend. He's had squash the last three nights and will have sweet potatoes tomorrow. I'm hoping that the move towards solid-ish foods will help things stay down. He's also doing really well in his exersaucer these days. He was in there last night while we were eating dinner and he was playing with some of the toys and standing up...putting weight on his legs. He actually looked like he was jumping a couple of times.

Let's see...what else? His therapist has us working on strengthening his arms to get him ready for sitting up and crawling. We also work with him on an exercise ball (which is a workout for me arms are going to be so toned) to help strengthen his core muscles. Tonight I was able to get him to sit with his hands on the floor propping himself up for a few seconds. He couldn't have done that last week. It is so good to see him making good progress. He's getting stronger everyday. Hopefully he'll be sitting up on his own very soon.

We are hoping that Santa brings him a jumperoo for Christmas. I think he'd probably really enjoy it. I can really tell a difference in his hamstrings. They are really loosening up. The therapist thinks the exersaucer is really helping his legs. Yay! God is answering our prayers for Gaines and while I'd rather Gaines be a boring old baby that I didn't have to worry about, it's exciting to watch what He's doing.

Reed has been doing well too. Despite yesterday's accidents, he's doing really well with the potty training. I'd say he's about 85% there. He's also gotten big on manners lately. I push the please, thank you and yes mam type things but I asked him something the other day and got a "No thank you". I about fell out. I'm guessing they are pushing manners at school right now. I'll take it. "No thank you" is a lot nicer than the "No way!" I was getting.

Santa came to Reed's school last week and he got to wear his pajamas for Polar Express day last Friday. He really loves his school and all of his friends and teachers. He's into all things transportation these days...trucks, school bus, choo choo "rain". This morning on the way to school we passed an older man riding a motorized scooter type wheel chair. I noticed it because it was kind of weird. We just don't see that everyday and he wasn't really riding on a side walk...more like main road...on a Rascal type thing. The next thing I knew, Reed said, "Look mama, motorcycle. Motorcycle, mama". I about died. That boy cracks me up.

Oh, the best thing happened this afternoon. I was feeding Gaines his squash and Reed asked if he could help. He sat in my lap and after every couple of my scoops I got a "What about my turn mama?" So, I let Reed have a few turns. After a couple of spoon jabs to the back of the throat, he got the hang of it...sort of. I actually heard him say, "Open your mouth baby".

Gaines is into making the "Pththtthfff" sound with his mouth (which I think I did a decent job of spelling by the way) lately and he did it once with squash in his mouth. Reed thought it was hilarious and did it then Gaines did it back...and then Reed and so on. They were both laughing at each other and I was loving it. I think I got my first taste of life with two boys. Brothers...I love it.

In other news, Gaines' sweet nanny will be leaving us in a month (which we knew when we hired her). We are so sad to see her go and I know that we'll have the toughest time finding someone to replace her but we are on the nanny hunt again. Keep us in your prayers. It's really important to us to find the right person to take care of our little Gaines.

I think that's about it for now. Please keep Gaines in your prayers. Please pray for his continued progress and for this stupid reflux to go away for good.

Love to all,



Rachel E. said...

Gaines and Reed sound so sweet together! Hope you can get some of that on video sometime. (Not that you're not busy with a million other things, of course!) I am so happy to hear how well Gaines is doing developmentally and am saying a prayer that his reflux issues can be controlled soon. Hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas together as a family of four!

Dan and Sarah said...

Both my boys had horrible reflux and it tends to come and go until it makes its final stand. For Eli, our youngest, it was about 8 months old where he suddenly just stopped spitting up.

Hang in there, he'll get over it. :)

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

This is about the age that reflux peaks. I called the gastro doctor because Bens reflux, which had gotten so much better, was all the sudden terrible again. The gastro doctor was not suprised at all and said this age is when it peaks. Possibly from the baby becoming a bit more "active".
It will get better, I promise!
Have a great Christmas with your two boys!

Teresa said...

Brittany, my first-born had reflux...the "Linda Blair/Exorcist" kind. It too got better, then returned when we started adding the different baby foods! You mentioned adding some new foods to his menu---it could be on of those new foods. Go back to the last one you can remember him NOT spitting it back up, and start again keeping tabs on responses as you add new foods (kind of like you do to check for allergies). Don't worry, my daughter launched her meals until about 16 months of age, then it stopped! There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train! Blessings!

Thomas and Jamie said...

Oh my goodness - how fun that interaction must be to watch!! (it'll only get better from here!!) I'm praying for Gaines' resucks I mean, er, reflux, to go away and STAY away and that you will get the peace of mind you need at your next doctor's appointment!! Stick with it - and just look how far your sweet baby has come! He sure is loved!

. said...

Great to hear about your boys! Many prayesr for you all! Merry CHRISTmas!

Michelle Cearley said...

I had a preemie with NICU time and major reflux. Yes, it's terrible and messy, and I cried a lot. It ruined a lot of clothes, and I scrubbec carpet about ten times per day. Unfortunately, it's common with preemies and probably won't bet significantly better until he's walking. My son was on medication until age two for it. The meds will help with the pain but not the actual spitting up. Don't expect huge improvements in the spitting part from meds. The best advice I can give is to try to accomodate it to make life easier. I would avoid baby foods like carrots which stained since he always spit up on carpet. I used the ultimate crib sheet that snaps around slats so I could just rip it off and wash instead of taking off bumpers. My son was crawling and still spitting up baby food while he was crawling through it! That's really gross! I think I finally just surrendered to the fact that it was bad and gave up trying to fix it. Gaines will outgrow it, but it will take time.

Angela said...

I've followed your story from the beginning -- having a similar story of going into labor while on a business trip. The only difference is we were planning to move there anyway. We just had to put in on fast forward when my water broke 3 months early.

I'm so happy to see how far Gaines has come. I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas.

Diana said...

I know how frustrating the whole reflux and lung issue can be. We have struggled with both of our daughters. I know the feeling of being sent off to another specialist. Last year we saw so many pediatric specialists. We are praying for a much better year in 2010. We will definitely continue to pray for Gaines.