Saturday, October 31, 2009

Going Home from the Hospital (take 2)

So this is the second time we have posted a blog about going home from the hospital. Hopefully, there will never be a third.

The doctor (Pediatric Pulmonologist) examined Gaines this morning and felt like his cold is getting better and that the cold is past the point of developing into something else. Gaines will be on steroids for the next three days and we will increase the frequency of his albuterol treatments. The doctor did explain that it might take Gaines one to two weeks to get over this cold. He explained that it just takes a little longer for Gaines to recover because of his damaged lungs. Bottom line, we get to go home today.

Gaines should be discharged from Children's sometime this afternoon. We will then make the hour and a half trip home. Reed is going to stay with Grandparents for the rest of the weekend. It will be hard to be away from Reed this Halloween and not be able to take him trick or treating; but, we think it is best to keep him away from Gaines as much as possible right now. So without Reed at home tonight, it should be a fairly quiet night after two nights in the hospital.

Again, thank you to everyone for sending up prayers for Gaines. It is truly amazing how God has performed so many miracles in this little guy's life. Brittany and I know that God has his hand on our family because of the many prayers that are said for us. Thank you so much.


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Karen said...

So glad to hear you're headed home. Haven't written a comment lately, but I continue to pray for Gaines and all of you. I'll bet Reed will have a blast with the grandparents.

Praying for a quick recovery for Gaines!

Karen in Oneonta