Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Morning

If you are just now tuning in, see the post below but we are at Children's Hospital with Gaines. He's got a pretty good cold and with his lungs, our pediatrician wanted to be proactive and go ahead and get him up here.

I don't have a ton to report right now as we really haven't seen a doctor (two residents so far but you know how I feel about that). They did an x-ray last night and found that it did not look like he had any pneumonia which is wonderful. They just did another one this morning so hopefully it will still look good. Our pediatrician mentioned that we should come in to the hospital so that Gaines could be put on IV steroids but at this point...he's not on anything. The did a nasal swab this morning to check for any common viruses like RSV and hopefully we'll have the results on that this afternoon.

His sats weren't great last night so we turned him up to two liters but he's doing better this morning so I'm hoping to be able to wean him down a little as he settles into a morning nap.

I have more to report on just our general situation here...observances of how annoying hospital life is really but I'll save that for my next post. Got to leave you wanting to come back for more. I think Gaines has noticed that he's losing some readers and had to pull this little stunt to get his numbers back up.

I'm going to get dressed and hopefully talk to the doctor around 9 (so in doctor speak sometime before lunch) and I'll report back as soon as I know something. Please pray for Gaines' little lungs.

Love to all,



Thomas and Jamie said...

I'll be praying that it is just a cold and that this visit CONTINUES to be a precautionary measure! Good luck mommy and daddy!

Penni said...

Yeah that there was no pneumonia! Please keep us updated.

Emery Wilkerson said...

Still checking in with ya'll every day & praying especially for Gaines' hospital stay today!

Stephanie said...

Poor thing you tell him he's not losing readers!!!! I just don't comment as much as I should....tell him if he goes home and stays healthy then I'll comment all the time from now on :)

Coach's Wife said...

Checking in daily on your grateful everything looks good so far and praying it stays that way. My 15 month old had RSV last year when she was only a few months old. She didn't have the problems like Gaines has had, although she wasn't completely healthy. It's a scary thing and I pray that he doesnt' develop that. Keep your head up, Gaines will be home soon!

Specks said...

Praying for you all in Nashville! Hospital life is soooo draining and my heart aches that you guys are back in there again. I am praying that sweet Gaines is back home very, very soon.

The Rathmell Family said...

I live in Birmingham, please call me if I can do something for you, bring you something, whatever!

Susan Reneau Rathmell
(205) 587-2014

The Rathmell Family said...

Me again. You're also definitely welcome to stay in our guest room if that would save you the cost of a hotel room. It's macaroni night at our house tonight, and we have plenty!

Susan Rathmell

Diana said...

Praying that Gaines does not have RSV or H1N1. Both can be awfully hard on little ones lungs.