Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Couple of Quick Things

Just a couple of quick things. Gaines' swallowing test went well yesterday. The test showed that he is not aspirating at all when he eats. Why we were checking that, I have no idea. I thought the test would give some insight into why he's spitting up, but no. I thought the test was kind of an afterthought when the doctor suggested it but it was such a crazy day that I didn't question him on it. Normally I question things to death. I don't mind doing what people ask but I always want to know why. Anyway, I think it was a waste of time but whatever.

After the test I decided to check with our pediatrician about switching formulas. Gaines is on Enfacare right now. Its a formula for preemies. Even though he is no longer a preemie, they want him on this formula because of all the extra nutrients...not just the extra calories. So, because of this, I wanted to check with a doctor before I just switched him. Our pediatrician didn't feel comfortable switching him right now so I think we'll check with the pulmonologist/nutritionist tomorrow and see what they think. For now, we really respect our pediatrician so we'll stick with what he thinks.

Two other points of interest...Gaines laughed last night. He's been smiling a lot but I'd never heard him laugh. It was such a great sound. Made my heart happy. Also, he rolled from his tummy to back today. He was propped on a small blanket so I don't really count it until he does it flat on the floor but it he was not propped much so maybe he'll do it "for real" very soon. This makes me really happy as I am pretty anxious about him catching up on his milestones. I mostly worry about head control but its awesome to mark any of them off the list.

This is already much longer than I had anticipated but I just wanted to share. My eyes are so sleepy. My rooster crows around 5 these days. If anyone knows how to fix a 2 year old rooster...let me know. He's killing me.

Love to all,



Tiffany Dawn said...

I wish there was a secret to tricking the roosters into sleeping in... but I"ve never found it! Thanks for the update. I'm praying you'll see many more milestones quickly and that you'll be "normal" and "on track" with all of that MUCH sooner than doc's anticipate!!
Tiffany from Dallas TX

otherwise known as mom said...

Thanks for continuing to update. I think of you often and include you in my prayers.
Cure for roosters: Drink lots of coffee/tea/cola high in concentrated doses of caffiene. Continue to ingest daily for one year. By then, rooster will have learned to sleep longer.
Alternate cure: blackout shades for his room!!!!!!

Beth said...


When my son was 2 (he's 4 now), he went through a similar phase! He got up every morning around 5:30 ready to start the day. We tried so many things to get him to stay in bed, or at least go back to sleep. Nothing worked. I think that phase lasted six months or so, and then one day, he just started sleeping in. I wish I could help you more, but I don't know the secret:)

Beth from Ohio

Lynsey said...

Hey Brittany,
I'm happy to hear Gaines is doing well. He is a little cutie! You may have already tried this and it may be a really stupid suggestion, but it is something we did with Ollie. She had terrible gas pains. These did not really cause her to spit up but I do know that sometimes the gas bubbles can make a baby spit up. We put a couple drops of mylacon in her bottle. This would take all the bubbles out of the formula helping with the gas. Hope this helps-if you havn't tried already.

Nelson's Mama said...

My two girls are really big girls now - and we weren't facing any of the medical issues that Gaines is facing - but they spit-up contintually.

And when I say "spit-up", I really mean projectile vomiting. All the time. I breastfed them and they still "spit-up" everywhere; no one wanted to touch them ;-)

I always waited to put their "good clothes" on them in the car before we went in anywhere.

Hang in there, eventually they outgrew it...

Bekah said...

Hi there,

I've been reading your blog since the beginning but haven't commented in a while. I have been so excited to see what God has done for your son over the past months. Amazing.

I am finally writing again because I have an idea for your rooster. I saw this special nightlight featured on an episode of the tv show The Drs (which I don't normally watch). It has a money-back guarantee that it will fix early rising sleep problems within 30 days. We are about a week or so in (4 1/2 and 3 year old boys sharing a room), and I think we're seeing progress.
The website is: http://www.goodnitelite.com/index.php

It might be worth checking out! Good luck!