Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday List

Since Reed’s birthday is “coming up” in October, anytime he asks for something lately, I tell him that we should put that on his birthday list. I guess I’ve said it one too many times because last night he said, “Why don’t we sit on the couch and write down my birthday list”. So we did. I thought it was kind of funny.
1. batman watch

2. a star turtle that puts starts on the ceiling-his cousin had one this past weekend that he loved

3. kid scissors- I love that he requested “kid” scissors but asked why in the world he needed scissors. “So that I can cut things”. Obviously. I took that opportunity to discuss the fact that scissors are for paper only and that we do not cut our own or each others hair. People have to go to a special school for that.

4. a batman toy that is also a spiderman toy- I’m sure they make those.

5. a green puppy-I assume stuffed since he is quite the “pet” keeper these days.

6. a man toy-like a spiderman or batman toy, but just a regular man.

7. spiderman bathtub toy letters-????????

8. a pet raccoon-I don’t even know what to say

9. sunglasses

10. a toy tree-I asked, “What do you do with a toy tree?” “You just pretend that its real”. Duh.

11. spiderman shirts and shorts that he can wear to school-all of super hero garments are pajamas or costumes. He is so mistreated. It’s sad really.

12. a toy ear-again, ?????????

13. a toy helicopter- “But Reed, you already have 4 or 5 helicopters (including a remote one that really flies-thanks Babs and Pop)”. “But I just need one more”.

Love to all,



kellie said...

A toy EAR??? What in the world?

Jenny said...

I saw that turtle star thing when I was at Target today. It looked so cool that I actually wanted one.