Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Facts

A few fun facts as of late. 

-Gaines loves fried chicken.  He doesn't totally understand the concept just yet though.  I had to fish chewed up pieces of bone out of his mouth tonight at dinner.

-Reed told Beau tonight that he should buy me a new ring.  I swear I have never said a word to Reed about rings.  Reed thinks it should be pink.  He's under the impression its my favorite color.  I like pink and all, but if I'm getting a new ring, I don't really want pink. 

-We are kind of updating our den at home right now.  I'm having two chairs recovered in green velvet and I'm really nervous about it.  I had a dream the other night that they looked like mud.  Weird.

-Gaines' speech is coming along.  His latest thing is to poot, laugh hysterically and say "Poot".  Total boy.

-I got up and ran this morning (its just too hot at night).  I wondered when I became a person that willingly gets up in the 5:00 hour to exercise. 

-Did I tell y'all that my sister had a baby?  His name is Aiden and he's precious.

-Gaines went to Pump It Up today with Kristin.  He wore a pair of shark gloves and some frog rain boots.  These are the same shark gloves that Reed wore to church a few weeks ago.  In the dead of summer.

-I believe that I have seen every episode of The Fresh Beat Band 4000 times.  I've had their song "Here We Go" in my head all day.  I think I might start trying to learn their dances.

 -In the car the other day I was talking to Beau and I guess I was kind of animated about whatever I was saying.  Reed said, "Mom, can you just settle down?"  He was totally serious.  He had probably heard that same statement directed towards him about 700 times that afternoon.  Boy's are wild.  Did y'all know that?  Cause I had no idea. 

That picture kills me. 

I really thought I had more to say tonight but I guess that's it. 

Love to all,



. said...

LOL so cute! Love all the pics, congrats on the new nephew!

Penni said...

Can y'all please come to T-town soon and bring those boys? I laugh my tail off at your blog. I think I secretly may be in love with Reed (don't tell Jackson).

Angie said...

Thanks for the update--love reading them!

Abby said...

You are too funny! So glad that you and all your boys are doing well. They are precious!