Friday, August 19, 2011

Gaines' Big News

So, we’ve got big news! Gaines officially passed his sleep study (where he was monitored sleeping without oxygen)! That was the last step in weaning him from his oxygen and we are now OXYGEN FREE! Well, not totally oxygen free as that is what we all breathe, but you know what I mean. No more tanks, no more concentrators, no more cannulas, no more tendergrips on his precious face. This is what we’ve been wanting for the last 28 months but now that its here, it’s a little scary. The oxygen has been a thorn in my side for so long, but it’s also been a life preserver of sorts (not in the way that its was literally a life preserver for Gaines but a figurative one in like something you throw someone in the water…just to be clear :). We were able to test the waters on being without oxygen knowing that we had this life preserver if we needed it. Now, little Gaines is swimming on his own with no floats. I hope and pray that he’s ready…and that we are ready for this. I worry about colds this cold/flu season and we may have a set back, but that will be ok. We’ll make it through. Can you tell I’ve given myself this little pep talk a few hundred times?
I hope all of that doesn’t sound like I’m not excited. I totally am. I mean, this is a big deal for Gaines and our family. More than anything I’m so proud of my littlest boy. That child has more spirit and spunk that any other child I know. Its sounds cliché’ but he’s really come so far. I look back at old pictures of him and I remember the ones that I thought were “good ones” because you could see his eyes through all of his tubes. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about it.

He’s making major progress (in my professional opinion) of getting caught up in other areas too. You’ll be happy to know that is talking is coming along and that he now says his version of “Excuse me” after he announces that he pooted or burped. I’ll call that progress. :)

Thank you so much for sticking with us on this journey. Your prayers and comments have meant the world to us. Please continue to keep Gaines in your prayers as we embark on this new phase of his life.

Love to all,



Mom to 2 boys +? said...

That's so great!! I have no idea how I found your blog, but I did when you were in the hospital way back when. I have 3 boys so I love reading your posts. Life with boys is definitely exciting! I'm so glad y'all are finally able to kick that oxygen to the curb! Gaines is such a miracle!


Rachel E. said...

Way to go, Gaines! So happy to hear the great news!!!

The Anglin Family said...

That's great news! :))

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I know this is so exciting for your family. I am so happy that Gaines is growing and catching up!

Lori said...

Halleijlah (or something like that) to Gaines. God does answer prayers (in HIS time). So happy for your family.

. said...

PTL!!! Go Gaines:)

Jeff Helms said...

Brittany and Beau--

It was wonderful seeing your family last night. Gaines is doing great. His smile is a blessing, and I am thankful he no longer needs extra oxygen. As parents, there are many life preservers we have to surrender. The crib. Sleepovers. Middle School. But, you and God have equipped Gaines to handle new challenges and scale new mountains. Laurie and I are so excited for you. Reed is an amazing young man as well. I know you are proud of them both.