Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Tidbits

Well, I really don’t have too much to report. I’ve had a couple of sweet boys lately and we've just been sort of living and loving life.

Reed had a 3 year checkup this week. He seems to be in good health so that’s good news. Apparently when you turn 3 they like to get a urine sample (sorry for using the word urine so early in this post) and Beau says that Reed was not into going in a cup. This is the conversation that Beau relayed to me:

R-“Daddy, I not want to tee tee in a cup”
B-“I know buddy but just try”
R-“You go first”

No sample was produced.

I’m kind of thankful for that because you never really know how their little minds work and I didn’t want to catch him trying it at home.

In other news, we started Gaines on an appetite stimulant last night. I think it’s too early to tell if it’s working but I think he ate a little more today. Beau and I just decided we were tired of forcing Gaines to eat and getting him in trouble for wanting down at dinner or pushing his cup away. The child just simply isn’t hungry. I’m hoping this will help. We were having to physically overpower him to get cups into his mouth sometimes. He’d usually give in and take it but it was always a struggle. The good news in there is that he’s now totally on sippy cups and off of the bottle. FINALLY. It took a lot of tough love on that one but he’s doing it. He’s not stubborn at all, why do you ask?

Let’s see…what else?

-I’ve been running pretty steadily again so that makes it harder to keep this updated. My non-running nights are spent keeping the house together and running semi-smoothly.

-I noticed yesterday that Beau bought single roll toilet paper instead of double roll. I know it’s really not a big deal but it’s kind of been bothering me all day. The single rolls just run out twice as fast as the double which means people in my house leave empty toilet paper rolls on the holder twice as fast. I am apparently the only one in my house with the coordination and skill that it takes to handle that task. Sorry…got off track there.
-I have become a big fan of diet wild cherry pepsi. I went out on a limb and bought a whole 12 pack and Beau and I have been fighting over them. I had the last one today and I can’t wait to buy more. We will be drinking the diet mountain dews first though…we are not going to waste them.
-I love pumpkin spice candles during the fall. I believe fall is my favorite season.
-Lately, Gaines has been standing up in his high chair and saying “duh” (done). It’s pretty cute but I usually have to sit him back down and tell him that no, he’s not. He seems more and more little boy and less baby every day. He is the sweetest thing at night right before bed. So loving and sweet. I love it.
-Reed has had a hard time adjusting to wearing long pants and many mornings you will catch him trying to roll his jeans up into shorts. It looks really nice. Also, he pushes his shirt sleeves up to his armpits. Another good look.

-I'm super excited that the Pioneer Woman will be on Throwdown with Bobby Flay next week.  Way more excited than I should be. 

-I'm thinking of painting my fingernails pewter.  We'll see how that goes. 

-I think I might have a cookie addiction problem.  I eat them A LOT.  Like seriously a lot and its starting to become a problem.  In my mind, it doesn't matter what I eat if I'm running...wrong.

-I am not editing this post.  Deal with it.
I think that’s about it for now. Catch y’all next time.
Love to all,



Shecw82 said...

Nice train of thought post. I'm glad that Brick is starting to behave like the l'il redneck his daddy's always wanted.

Penni said...

That was absolutely the most random thing I've read this week. Thanks for the laughs. Just so you know, my toes and nails are painted "steel grey" right now. Very nice.