Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PT Report

Good Morning! Just a quick post during breakfast to update on Gaines' physical therapy appointment yesterday. By the way, how awesome is it that the therapist comes to our house?

Gaines got a good report yesterday. She was very pleased with his sitting up while propped on his hands. I think he's getting better with that everyday. You can really tell his trunk is getting stronger. Hopefully in the next few weeks he won't need to prop on his hands and will be able to sit straight up playing with a toy.

His legs are still improving but are still not there yet. There is still some tightness in his hamstrings. So, I'm asking for that specific prayer request. Please pray that at his next appointment in a few weeks, his hamstrings are not as tight. So far Gaines has overcome every obstacle he's had and I pray that this will be the case with this.

He was also approved to use his jumperoo. They are controversial among physical therapists but she felt like the pros outweighed the cons for Gaines. He loves it. It took him a little while to figure it out but now he's jumping like an old pro. I'll see if I can get my technical assistant to post the video soon.

Also, please pray that Gaines avoids Reed's cold. Reed has a pretty good cough and runny nose that I'm hoping we can keep Gaines from catching.

I'm off to the shower.

Love to all,


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Sarah said...

Glad he's making progress! Prayers for continued improvement in his hamstrings and that he doesn't get Reed's cold.