Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life This Week

Life this week has been a little on the rough side. I think Beau thinks I'm probably overstating things but I am just slap worn out. The nanny (who will now be referred to as Kristen. "Nanny" sounds a little pretentious to me...we are not "nanny" people) and I took Gaines to Birmingham for his pulmonologist appointment (more on that in a sec) on Monday and didn't get home until 7:00. This might not have been quite so bad if a large portion of the time from 4-7 had not been spent stuck on the interstate with my sweet angel "singing" in the back seat.

Beau went out of town Tuesday so I had the boys by myself Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. Let me just say right now that Beau has me trapped. There is no way I could be a single parent. (That is obviously a joke about being trapped...sometimes I feel like I have to clarify my jokes on here...Beau and I are very happily married...99% of the time...another joke...I'm on a roll tonight...we are always happily married) ANYWAY...back to the point, the two nights were constant but doable...Wednesday morning killed me. I hadn't been so happy to see my desk chair since we got back from DC. Gaines' cold didn't help because it meant he had to have a breathing treatment first thing which means 30 minutes of me just sitting there with the nebulizer. In the mean time, my angel Reed climbs into my bed and has an accident. Awesome. Strip the bed, start the laundry...Oh, Jack has thrown up four times on my rug. Double awesome. I'll spare you the rest but suffice it to say, it was a long morning.

So, Thursday rolls around and Gaines' cold is in full force. I mean he's pitiful...not eating, wining, sleeping and I can tell that Kristen is worried about him so I leave work early (where I had plenty to be doing) and come home to check on him. Thankfully since the pulmonologist had just seen him he called in a steroid and antibiotic for him. I was so stressed and worried about him (he's really pretty sick) that I called Beau right at 5 and begged him to come home. He does and by the time he gets there, the little joker is all smiles and bouncing in his jumperoo. My only guess is that the Tylenol had kicked in (and yes I got permission to give it to him, I would have never just done it with all the other meds he's taking). So, being the total loser that I am, called my friend I was supposed to work out with and begged out of it. I really did (and still do) have a terrible headache...I'm typing through the pain. Your welcome.

So, now that I've filled you in on way too much of my week...Gaines' appointment. Gaines had a great appointment! He was a touch sick but I think the doctor was able to tell that he's improving. So much so that after this cold, we are going to try and turn his oxygen down to 3/4 liters! Now, I'm trying not to get too excited because he may not be able to handle it but at least the doctor thinks its worth trying. Also, after about a week of that, we are to get some blood work done and if that looks good we can cut back on the Lasix to .25 mL. So, please say a prayer that all will go well and that he'll be on less oxygen and medicine soon. He also said that if his weight gain and labs look good when we go back in 2 months, we can come up with a plan to start really weaning oxygen and meds! AND he reconfirmed my hope of Gaines being off oxygen by least during the day. I'm so trying not to get my hopes up about it (Beau thinks it will take longer) but wouldn't that be awesome? Also, we are increasing the volume of his bottles in an effort to help his weight was good this time but not quite what we'd love. I was not surprised being as it is next to impossible to go 24 hours without some sort of spit up. We did however just up one of his reflux meds so maybe that will help.

Just a side note, I normally hate saying things like meds instead of medicines (don't even get me started on AC and OJ...I almost couldn't marry Beau over those two) but I've just given up on un-shortening things. I only have so much time in the day.

Oh, this is kind of funny. Reed finished his milk at dinner the other night and asked for water so I gave it to him. This was a night I was home alone with them so he was eating while I was tending to Gaines (I normally prefer family dinners but you do what you can when you're a single parent). I went back to check on Reed and he had spit water all down the front of his shirt. He looked at me and said, "I spit up".

Reed also likes to test his boundaries these days but I hadn't realized how much "discipline" he was getting until the other day I heard him talking to his truck. He said, "You do NOT do that. Do you need a 'pankin, truck? You go to timeout." He really is a sweet boy, just being two and trying to figure out what he can get away with.

I think that's about it for now. I'm tired. Please pray for our little Gaines and that he gets over this cold quickly and that he can handle 3/4 liters.

Love to all,



Marva said...

Lifitng you all up in prayer......Blessings!!!!

Diana said...

Praying you guys get through this cold without any bumps in the road. Also praying that Gaines will be able to tolerate the lower oxygen requirements.

kim_brough said...

Woo hoo! Sounds like you had a great appointment.

It did make me curious as to what medICINES ( :-) ) he's still on.

I feel the same-- I always write out okay and never use OK. To me, that's a state!