Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life On The Outside

Well, we've been enjoying life on the outside for the last few days.  Gaines got out of the hospital last Friday morning.  While he and I were packing up and being processed out, Beau was at the doctor being diagnosed with...you guessed it, viral pneumonia.  He decided that he was not too sick to go into work  or travel across the country the next day.  He was however too sick to take a few breakfast dishes to the kitchen.  But I'm not bitter about it all.

The boys and I ended up having a really nice weekend without him.  I don't say that like it was nice because he was gone...just it was nice in spite of him being gone.  Beau's parents came down to help me out some and we had a nice day.  I got to run a few errands BY MYSELF and we all ate lunch at Chris' Hotdogs downtown.  One of my favorites.  I have a very refined pallete.

After lunch we headed to the zoo.  On the way I got a phone call from my dad...my mom was out of town with my aunt, apparently they have chosen to travel in their retirement which is fine because who really wants an inheritance anyway?

But back to my dad.  He calls and asks where I am.  I tell him on the way to the zoo and ask where he is. He is sitting in my driveway.  He lives an hour and a half away.  Obviously my next question is, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming to town?"

It seems that he didn't decide until that morning to come up and I guess there wasn't enough time on his hour and a half drive to make a call.

I kind of chased a rabbit there but all that to say, my dad met us at the zoo too which suprised the heck out of me because he's never really been a zoo kind of guy but I'm glad he did because the boys and I enjoyed getting to see him.

Man this is getting long and boring.  That afternoon after everyone had left, Reed and I practiced t-ball in the front yeard where I critqued his batting form and had him shaped up in a few swings.  This is hilarious to me as I have never played a sport in my life.  Apparently, I have gotten in to t-ball mode.  I caught myself telling Reed over the weekend that if he wasn't going to practice with all his heart, we just wouldn't practice at all.  What have I become?  I'm the t-ball version of a pageant mom.  Stop. The. Insanity.  

We missed church Sunday morning because I wasn't sure Gaines was ready and without Beau here, it just seemed best to stay home.  It had nothing to do with daylight savings time, a lack of sleep last week and me cringing at the thought of ironing shirts for the boys.  The rest of the day was spent at t-ball practice, getting haircuts running errands and at Mission Friends.  I mentioned something to the boys about what a nice day we'd had and Reed informed me that it was "kind of the worst".  He was quickly reminded that his day had consisted of muffins for breakfast, watercolor painting, tacos for lunch, t-ball practice, popcorn from Target and new fancy practice shirts I decided he needed (the ratty t-shirts were not cutting it).  He has a rude awakening coming if he thought that anything less than a nice day.

Somewhere over the weekend Gaines and I had this conversation.
G-"You happy mama?"
B-"Yes, baby...why?"
G-"Because you were mad".
B-"When was I mad?"
G-"When you make us cwean up our woom."
For the record, I asked them to clean it up once and they ACTUALLY DID IT without me raising my voice or asking multiple times.  I'm afraid they think I am an angry person.  I mean, the nerve of me to ask them to put some toys away.  

Monday brought us back the real world.  I was reminded of Gaines' total disdain for blue jeans with his sobbing refrain of  "I not want to wear bwue jeans" for a full 20 minutes and of Reed's desire to not have the same thing for breakfast "every morning".  We had to make him a little menu so that I would know his breakfast preferences in advance and could keep the breakfast disappointment to a minimum.  Their lives are so hard.

We had a rough week last week but life has been good and we are looking forward to a busy spring.  Thanks for keeping up with us and for all your prayers last week.

Love to all,


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