Monday, March 4, 2013

Back By Popular Demand-Or The Half-Hearted Request Of A Few People I Know

So, if I sick child is a good enough reason to start a blog, it seems to be a good enough reason to start one back.  It also seems to be a good enough reason to eat my weight in Reese's cups that I brought to the hospital for Gaines.

My little Gainesy has landed himself in the hospital again.  Its certainly not our first visit but it has been a while since he's been here sick.  We are here today because of a viral something with flu-like symptoms that seems to have turned into pneumonia.  The patient is sleeping now and I'm about bored out of my mind.  How was I ever on bed-rest for 6 weeks?  Hopefully we are just here for a night or two.  I don't love the hospital but I can manage if it makes my boy feel better.

Other than this little hiccup, life has been going very well.  Gaines started school in April of 2012 and is doing really well.  He is making friends and seems to be quite the ladies man.  His teacher told me I should probably stock up on Valentines for next year while they are on sale because all the girls love Gaines.  Personally, I think its because of his superior genes...but his teacher thinks that the girls find him less gross than the other boys.  No offense to the other boys' mamas...Gaines has never really liked to be dirty and with the exception of wiping his hands on his shirt instead of a napkin, seems to keep himself tidy.  I am happy to report that I am still his number one girl...or so I'm telling myself.

My Reed is also doing well.  He started big school this past fall.  He's in K4 but it is definitely a big school...K4-12th grade.  I think he really likes it but does ask from time to time to take a day off.  Apparently he has to "learn...and color...and cut stuff all day".  I really feel for him.

He has also started playing sports and is loving it.  We just finished basketball which I must admit is not my favorite.  To me it is chaos and not Reed's best sport.  I loved t-ball and soccer and thankfully so did he.  Really hope he eventually chooses those over basketball.  Soccer is fun but t-ball is serious and has taken me a little getting used to.  I complained a LOT last year during the 3 practices a week and special uniform pants and new cleats and bats, and glove and bat bag.  I probably uttered, "I mean they are four" 100 times but all that changed after the first game.  I was into it.  I'm just a touch competitive and they really keep score.  Beau likes to say that they umpire had to ask me to settle down a time or two but that is not true at all.  But if he'd use a pair of glasses every now and then I might not have to point out his missed calls.  Kidding of course.  I'm a perfect lady at t-ball.

If I'm going to get back into this I'll try and start remembering funny stuff to report.  One quick thing that comes to mind that still makes me laugh when I think about it.  We sent Reed to get dressed for whatever and he called his daddy to his room for help.  When Beau got there he said, "Dad, I've got some weird news about my underwear".  No telling what was going through Beau's head.  I can't even remember what it was but it was nothing gross...I think he'd been wearing it inside out or something but it still makes me laugh when I think about the "weird news".

Seems like I've been typing a while now so I better finish it up.  Gaines is sure to wake up any minute and need his mama to love on him...or unplug his 3 lines and take him to the bathroom.  Being a mom is so glamorous.  Do please keep my sweet boy in your prayers.  I hate to see him feeling so badly.

I'll try to be back more often,

Love to all,



Brooke said...

I was just going through my google reader the other day, and came across your blog and was wondering how you all were doing!! Your boys are getting so big!! T&P for a speedy recover for sweet little Gaines:)

Gulf Coast Girl said...

I checked your blog a couple days ago to see how y'all were doing. Glad to read an update! I hope Gaines is feeling much better soon!

Nancy, Jeremy, and Jack said...

Prayers for a quick recovery. Your sweet momma takes care of Julianne some in the church nursery.