Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This, that and the other...

Hello world. Yes, we are still alive and well. Just busy living. I don’t know that I really have too much to say…but I’m getting harassed about not-blogging so here I am. I’m typing this during lunch so there will be no pictures…they are all on my home computer. Well, some are. There are about 3000 on my camera that need to make it over to the computer but who has time for foolishness such as that. My goal is to get that done this weekend. This week, I am getting ready to host a baby shower at my house. I love that I spend a week “preparing” for something that will last an hour and a half. There’s nothing like having strangers over to make you see everything that’s wrong with your house. Y’all want to see my to do list? Here it is…my goodness this is so boring. My commentary will be in italics.

To Do:

Wed church

Wed Dust-the whole house because I didn’t do the bedrooms last night.

Wed wipe down doors/walls-because my children obviously walk around with nasty hands touching things.  People with small chilren, get on your knees and check out your walls, doors, cabinets and trim.  I did this recently and oh my word.

Wed wrap gift-because when the girl offered to wrap it, I lost my brain and said, “No thanks”.

Wed Office-it just needs to be straightend up so I can open the door like we keep it open all the time.

Wed abstract, tax info (2 yrs), check-refinancing our house…rates are so low right now

Thurs TJ Maxx-got to return some sweaters I bought for the boys

Thurs Flowers-need to buy flowers for the baby shower

Thurs Decorate-this is obvious…but I hope my “vision” works out.

Thurs Wreath-with the decorating

Thurs laundry room-because people will be checking out my laundry room???

Thurs Dishes-got to pick them out and get them ready.

Thurs den arrangement-because the current greenery “arrangement” I’m keeping on the table is dead

Fri vacuum floors

Fri mop floors

Fri casserole together

Fri ice cupcakes-because according to my husband, I like to do things the hard way…instead of buying or using canned icing.

Fri cut grass

Fri kitchen clean

Fri front porch

Sat straighten up

Sat Febreeze-so people will think that my house always smells like clean linen.

Sat make beds

Sat casserole in oven

Sat light candles-because I’m anal enough to write this down.

There are a few other things like dentist appointments that didn’t make the home to do list (although I’m not sure why TJ Maxx did). Once all of that is wrapped up, I’ll move on to Reed’s birthday party. Which he was not going to have until I realized two days ago that there was not a good movie out on his birthday to take a few friends to. So, now…it looks like we are going to have a movie party at our house. I’m doing everything in my power to make it easy and simple…but I have a way of letting my mind get away from me and googling how to make popcorn cupcakes. You know, because I have so much time on my hands and Reed would really appreciate them (not).

But…I’m guessing you all aren’t here to read about the daily trials of Brittany Daniel so let me throw in a few things about my boys.

-Reed: In the car yesterday I told him I was going to a painting party and he said, “Mom, do you know how to say painting in Chinese?” Excuse me, what? I said, “No, do you?” and he popped out with something that sounded Chinese that I couldn’t begin to try and retype. So…note to self, too much Ni Hao Kailan.

That boy keeps me on my toes. He’s about to die to turn 4. He can’t wait. Lots of his friends are already 4 and its killing him. I hear regularly, “I just, really, really want to be 4!” Or, “Mom, you are not even going to believe it when I’m 4”.

Oh, we had to have a little talk 2 nights ago about letting Gaines do the wrong things is just as bad as doing the wrong things yourself. I went in the bathroom while he was in the bathtub (because the kitchen and their bedrooms are just right there and I can get that part of the house straightened up while listening to him play…not because I’m a bad mother and leave him unsupervised in the bathtub) and had to fish out a stuffed parrot, a baby pillow and a fire truck. The immediate response was “Gaines did it!” which lead to our little talk.

Gaines: Speaking of the Gaineser, that boy…I just don’t know. He is a mess, but he’s so sweet…I just don’t know how to describe him. He’s doing really well off his oxygen. I just pray that he can stay healthy this fall/winter and we can avoid a hospital visit. Gaines actually started school a few weeks ago. Just 4 hours a week that both doctors and a nurse practitioner approved. I don’t know that he loves it just yet but he’s getting there. I’ll try and post his first day of school pictures this weekend. He’s talking a lot more now and even says “I love you”. On Reed’s and my way of out the door this morning I said, “Bye Gaines, I love you” and he said, “I la you, Ree Ree”. At least he loves somebody.

Alright…I better run. I need to get back to work. Pictures this weekend!

Love to all,


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