Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I don't have too much too much to report tonight. Both boys are doing really well...Reed has been recovered and Gaines is almost totally clear. Thank goodness. Friday we'll go to have some blood work done and will find out what the plan is as far as weaning medicines and oxygen. Gaines' RSV kind of put a kink in the original plan.

We are all hanging out watching Charlie Brown Valentine tonight. Reed doesn't understand the commercials. Every night we let him watch Backyardigans from 7-7:30 to sort of wind down before bed and there are no commercials on Nick Jr. So, we get lots of whining every time it goes to commercial. We'll have to work on patience with him...poor boy...he get's it honest.

Let's see what else...I think Gaines may be teething. We cannot keep his hands or oxygen cord out of his mouth. Oh, I think he's saying "Da" now. We've been getting "Boo" for a little while but now we've moved to another consonant. That's a good sign for his verbal and cognitive development. All these therapists have warped my mind. They ask all these questions and now I overanalyze every little thing. They'll ask something I've never thought about so then I start watching him like a hawk looking for whatever it is they've asked about. In this case, is he babbling consonants or vowels?

Reed is so funny these days (do I say that in every post?). He asked me the other day if I wanted to get my face painted at the circus (like he just did a few weeks ago). Also, he must be picking up on Valentines Day because last Sunday we were eating lunch and he said, "Mama, what about Val-tines Day?" I didn't know what all he was asking about but I told him a few things and that maybe I would make pancakes for breakfast on Valentines Day. He said, "Oh, I yove pancakes".

Another day I told him that a shirt he wanted to wear that had a stain on it would have to be a Saturday shirt. He said, "Oh, I yove Saturdays".

One last Reed story...this one is really sweet. One day I said, "I love you Reed" and he said "I yove you Mama." We went back and forth a few times (me loving every minute of it) and finally I said, "I love you the most". He said, "the most?" like he didn't know what that meant so I explained it. Now when I say, "I love you Reed" he says, "I yove you most". I love it.

I guess that's about it for tonight. I told you I didn't have much.

Love to all,


P.S. During the typing of this post I've learned that deviation from the usual routine of Backyardigans is not the best idea. We had a major meltdown after Charlie Brown. Not worth it.


Sarah said...

Yeah, gotta stick with those Backyardigans, LOL. :) That show is by far the most tolerable for us to watch with the boys!

Glad your boys are doing well.

Lori said...

it's all about routine, routine.