Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Miracles in Everyday Life

Brittany's last update on the boys was Tuesday night. We were fighting RSV, 4 infected ears and 2 infected eyes. We went to sleep Tuesday night prepared for the worst. The plan was for me to wake up at midnight to give Gaines a breathing treatment and for Brittany to wake up at 4 AM for another breathing treatment. We were also prepared to wake up to find Reed with his eyes matted shut.

Well, we both woke up at our designated times for the breathing treatments and were pleasantly surprised when Gaines slept through the night with very little coughing. Wednesday morning I immediately went to Reed's room so he wouldn't be scared when he couldn't open his eyes. I was shocked to find his eyes to be normal. I kept looking at him and asking to see his eyes...I was sure I was somehow missing something. I even asked him if his eyes hurt and he very quickly responded "No, they're feeling better".

Long story short...both boys are on the road to recovery. Reed acts as if he is fully recovered and Gaines is getting there. It will take Gaines a little while to get over the RSV but I think he is holding his own right now. It was amazing to go to bed Tuesday night fearing eye infections for one child and a possible hospital stay for the other...only to wake up Wednesday morning and for Reed to be well and Gaines to be much better. Sometimes the miracles in everyday life go unnoticed.

By the way, for those of you who like irony:

This journey started last March when Brittany went to Washington, DC on a 4 day business trip. I just found out that I will be leaving in March on a 5 day business trip to...Washington, DC. Weird.


Thomas and Jamie said...

Man - we're dealing with RSV right now and our son is 20 months old and perfectly healthy. I'm so stressed right now that I can't IMAGINE how scared you guys must have been! I'm thankful that the Lord has continued to bless you all! Way to Go guys!

stephanie said...

Great to hear the boys are doing better. I have been followig your blog since the begining. Gaines is truly a mircale from god. My son was in the NICU with Katheryn. I have a question about RSV. My son also got the synagis shots. Now that Gaines has RSV will he still continue to get the shot. I was just curious to know how that works. God Bless.

Stephanie Ormond

Sarah said...

So glad the boys are doing well! Give us a holler when you head up this way next month. :)