Thursday, October 13, 2011


The thing I forgot yesterday was to declare publicly my love for Lay’s Jalapeno Kettle Chips. They make making your own lunch worth it.

I would also like to let you all know that I found a rotten pumpkin in the boys’ bathroom yesterday. Apparently pumpkins do not last if you break their skin by sticking plastic face pieces in them. It was really gross and my hand has been stained a little orange all day. Who knew that pumpkins stain? About an hour later I found a rotten banana. We seem to have a rotting produce problem at our house these days.  I just needed y'all to know that.

Here's another human interest story for you, we’ve been going to Wednesday night church lately but I decided to let us skip last night. We’ve been going so much and just needed a night at home to be normal and it was rainy and I know that neither of those are good excuses but I talked myself into it. It's ok though because God punished me by having Gaines throw up...on me…in my work clothes. I swear He has a sense of humor.

Reed’s birthday is coming up on Sunday but he moved up classes at school on Tuesday so he thinks he’s already 4. That sweet baby just can’t wait.

In other Reed news, he made the real news yesterday. They had a fire prevention deal going on at school yesterday that involved a smoke house and fire truck. They interviewed Reed and while I’m sure he had some profound comments on fire safety, they only used the clip of him saying, “It was a little smoky”. I wish I could put a link of it on here but apparently CBS 8 doesn’t feel that cute little almost 4 year olds sharing fire prevention advice was a worthy enough story to put on their website.

I guess that’s about it for now. Two posts in two days and this is what you get. I’m trying to get better with the blogging. I really want to.

Love to all,


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Crown + Castle said...

Life with toddlers is never boring! :) Just catching up on blogging again, glad to see that your family is doing great.