Monday, April 18, 2011

New Pictures

    Reed ready for his 1st Baseball Game.

                Gaines in the backseat with his shades on.

    Gaines didn't care for the Easter Egg Hunt, but loved the slide.

                                    Gaines and Beau

       Gaines chilling out in a rocking chair without his oxygen.

                                   Gaines Walking!!!

                 Brittany & Reed riding a camel at the Zoo.

                                        Reed and Beau

                         Brittany on the carousel at the Zoo.


Candi said...

Great pictures! I have been following since you went into early labor with Gaines. I don't comment much but have still read every post! Your boys are really growing. Gaines looks so big in the picture of him walking! Also love the picture of Reed and Beau.
I know you are one proud mama!

. said...

Super cute pic of Gaines in the sunglasses! Happy to see you all doing fun things!

Becky said...

Beautiful and Wonderful! Happy for all of you!