Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Zoo: Pictures and a Video

Yesterday the weather in Montgomery was 70 degrees and sunny. A perfect day to be outside. So, we made our first venture out as a family. We all went to the Zoo. This was one of the first times we have taken Gaines anywhere other than the doctor. Certainly the first time we have gone anywhere as an entire family. It was pretty funny, as we were parking the car Reed said, "Gaines is gonna stay in the car". I guess Reed just isn't used to Gaines going anywhere with us. Anyway, all in all it was good day and it felt so normal to be able to all go somewhere together.

Below are two pictures from the Zoo and a video of Gaines attempting to crawl. He is so close...he will be scooting around the house soon.

Our Family at the Zoo

Reed at the Zoo

Gaines learning to Crawl


Rachel E. said...

What a fun outing! I love taking the kids I babysit to the zoo. And what a smiley little boy Gaines is! He looks like he'll be scooting around very soon.

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Yay, fun day at the zoo! You better get ready cause Gaines is going to be getting into everything very soon!!!

Tiffany Lockette said...

What a fun family outing and I'm sure a breath of fresh air for all of you. I love the video of Gaines. I love his little giggle, so cute. He will be crawling before you know it.

Lori said...

Put your hand at the base of his feet and see if he can do it. I bet he can:-)

Grammy Jane said...

It looks like you'll be chasing after two little cuties before long. What sweet boys! Just enjoy them. They'll be grown before you know it!

Terri Teacher said...

Oh My How sweet! I am loving the pics and updates! He is growing so fast! His hair is getting thick...I love the zoo pics. I miss the boys. I am glad to see Gaines and his new moves so happy that he is doing well.

sanjeet said...

You better get ready cause Gaines is going to be getting into everything very soon!!!
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