Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PT Report

Gaines had physical therapy Monday morning and got a great report. His therapist was very pleased with the progress he's making. He even sat in his (borrowed...thanks Lauren) bumbo chair and held his head up some. One of his goals is by 6 months adjusted age, to be able to sit in that chair and hold his head up for one minute. That would mean around the first of the year and he is well on his way to doing it now. He can do it, we've just got to build up the length of time.

His therapist said that he had made significant progress in everything except the tightness in his hamstrings. So, that is the new prayer request....looser hamstrings. We are focusing on those specifically now. Truth be told, I had probably not been working with his legs as much as I should have because I was so focused on his head but we are now back on track with his stretches. We'd appreciate your prayers.

Everything else is going well. Both boys have a touch of a cold but right now we are managing without having to go to the doctor. Please pray that they will get over them quickly and we can avoid any doctor/hospital visits.

Got to run. Got to get ready for work. For those of you that haven't read since Saturday, there is another post below.

Love to all,



Daxton's Personal Assistant said...

Hi guys! Haven't commented in a while, but I just wanted to pass along some info... When we came home from the hospital Daxton had areas of hyper- and hypo-tonia, too, and everyone was very worried... Infant massage worked wonders with him, and his tone is now perfect. Lots of OTs are trained in it, and I think several hospitals offer classes to parents to teach basic skills. It honestly made huge differences, and just helped him to relax in general... Hope that helps!

Diana said...

Praying for the hamstrings! So glad to hear how well Gaines is doing with his head strength. Praying for extra protection around your whole family during this cold and flu season.