Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Reed Post

Just some quick things that I wanted to write down about bath time and some things Reed has said lately:

The boys were in the bathtub together and of course, Gaines was trying to drink the bathwater. I again told him not to do it and he again didn’t listen. He got a little choked and started coughing and Reed says “That’s what happens, Gaines”. Pretty sure he’s heard that before.

Also, I wanted to walk you all through Reed’s end of bath time routine. All of this is every night. Gaines has long been out of the tub as Reed likes to stay in and play for about forever. Finally, he’ll decide to get out and will let the water drain but he stays in until all the water is drained. He lays on his stomach head toward the faucet and holds all the toys back from the drain like it’s his job. He yells at the toys, “Nobody wants to get lost!” Once all the water is gone and the threat of losing a toy is gone, he stands up and stomps his feet in the tub as he yells, “FEE, FIE, FOE, FUM…I AM A GIANT. A SCARY, SCARY GIANT”. Then he gets out and runs in his room were one of us wraps him in a towel. Now he’s a bird in an egg. He stays that way until he’s warm enough and then he starts cracking. “Crack, crack, crack, crack” until his towel is all the way off. Then he runs around his room “tweeting” and flapping his wings until he is forced to put on pajamas.

A few other quick things…a couple of them are a little gross.

-We were all in the car over the weekend and Gaines was acting a fool like he does sometimes and almost under his breath Reed says, “What are we going to do with that child?” He might have heard that one before too.

-He likes to call Gaines, “Gaineser Waineser”. I’ve caught myself doing it some too.

-He told Beau the other day that he (Reed) needed to go on a jog so that he could be helpful.

-I caught him picking his nose the other day and told him if he kept doing it, worms would grow in his tummy. He said, “Well, I like worms”. Beau looked at me and smirked.

-I was using bleach in the bathroom the other day to clean something and he was right behind me watching. I kept asking him to leave the room because I didn’t think he should be inhaling bleach fumes. I told him to go in the den because this stuff really stinks and he said, “I know…it smells really, really yucky. It is making the boogers fall out of my nose”. I can assure you, he did not pick up that on from me.

I think that’s about it for now. I just wanted to get a couple of those written down.

Love to all,


Monday, March 7, 2011

I Did It!

I'm happy to report tonight that I am typing this blog instead of running.  For the past few weeks I've been training for a half-marathon which means I was running 3 nights a week with long runs on Saturday mornings.  The race was yesterday and I did it!  I haven't mentioned it on here before because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it...but I did.  Now, yesterday I pretty much thought I was going to have to have orthoscopic surgery on my right knee even though I have no idea what orthoscopic surgery is...but I believe that I'm on the mend today.

So...that's where I've been.  Running and running and running...which doesn't leave much time for blogging.  Especially when you mix in all the work I had going on.  Anyway, I feel like I have a whole new life starting today.  The run was in Seaside so I took last Friday off and made a long weekend out of it.  We shared a house with my friend that I was running with and had a great weekend. 

The picture above was Reed and me after the run.  I gave him my medal and he said, "I love my medal mama.  Thank you for running so hard to get it."  Melt. My. Heart.

Gaines didn't make the trip as he decided he'd rather spend the weekend in Andalusia with my family.  He decided that by not being able to ride in the car for an extended period of time without acting absolutely ridiculous.  That said, the last two times in the car he's been an angel so maybe he learned himself a little lesson. 

Anyway, the Gainser is still doing well.  He's walking more and more which is great and he's been pretty sweet lately.  He loves to say "bravo" these days.  Like, a song will come on tv and when it goes off, he'll clap and say "bravo".  Also he gives himself a "bravo" when he does something good like walk across the room.  Also, he likes to jam out in the backseat from time to time.  On the way to Andalusia the other day the song Lean On Me came on and you would have thought he was at his own private concert with all the swaying and clapping that was going on. 

Just because you never get Beau and Brittany pictures on here. 

Reed's been good too.  He had so much fun at the beach...except for the part where he fell down a flight of stairs. That was probably the only low point in a great weekend for him.  He does have a little bit of a black eye but it matches the scar on that eye that he got at Christmas.  I love the beach and I was so glad to see that he does to.  I'm not so sure that Gaines will love it.  I just don't see him and sand mixing. 

Anyway, a quick story about Reed.  He and I were on the way home last week and we had this conversation:
R:  Mom, when we get home, you will go in the kitchen and fix me some lemonade.
Me: Umm...please?
R:  I will say please and sir on Friday.
Me:  No, you will say please and thank you and sir and mam everyday.
R:  That's not what I said.
Me:  Well, I appreciate your thoughts on the matter but that's the way its going to be.
R:  My thoughts are not on the matter.

Also, the other day Reed was trying to have a discussion with Beau about why he didn't need to put his shoes away and Beau asked him "Reed, are you supposed to tell your Daddy no?"  Reed huffed off to his room for a minute and Beau thought to himself...good, he's doing what I told him to.  Reed came back a few minutes later said, "Daddy, I'm sorry I disobeyed...Can I have a gummy bear?"

That boy know how to work us. 

Anyway, that's it for tonight.  I'm still tired from the weekend.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Here's a couple of recent pictures.

Love to all,