Thursday, August 8, 2013

End Of Summer Ramblings

I've been meaning to write this down for a while and since I'm feeling all sentimental with the back to school activities in full swing, this seemed as good of a time as any.

My sweet Gaines will be going to K4 this fall.  He's a young and small 4 right now so we fully intend to send him to K4 twice.  This will be the equivalent of holding him back a year, but giving him an extra year to prepare for kindergarten.  Anyway...he and I have this conversation every night when I kiss him goodnight.  He grabs my face in his hands and says:
G-"Mommy, your precious"
Me-"No, your precious"
G-"We 'bof' precious"

Makes my night and almost erases any irritation towards him over having to get one last sip of water, or and overwhelming need to go to the bathroom, or him needing to tell me "somefing" along the lines of what he had for lunch that day or something Reed said that he didn't like.

Reed has been back at Little Alfa this summer and its been nice to have the boys at the same place.  He and I have been eating lunch together every Thursday for the last few weeks.  Please note that Gaines has been invited but when I ask him if he wants to eat with us I get a very simple "No".  This last time I asked him why he didn't want to eat with me and Reed and he told me "I just don't want to".  Nice. It hurt my feelings a little at first but Reed and I have such nice lunches together, I got over it pretty quickly.  Reed is big enough now to not cause a scene in front of people I work with everyday (although I did find him stretched out on my boss's couch today when I sent him in to speak while I grabbed something off my desk) and will actually have a little lunch conversation with me.  Today I told him I was worried about Gaines going to Trinity and asked him to watch out for him.  He told me that Gaines would be fine but "he's got to learn to wipe his own hiney".  Agreed.  

Reed will be in real kindergarten this year and I know he's going to do great but I'm going to miss our lunches and how we always share a pack of cookies count the dead worms on the sidewalk from his school to my office.  There were 17 today.  I'm working really hard at being a good boys mom.

Just wanted to get some of this written down.  I hope to be back on here soon with first day of school pictures.

Love to all,


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